Super-detailed LEGO USS Missouri model over 4 feet long

Matt Bace spent about about 45 days creating this highly-detailed model of the World War II American battleship USS Missouri. Matt’s model is 1/200th scale, and comes in about 170 studs long (that’s about 4 and a half feet!). The real USS Missouri was commissioned in 1944, and served on and off of active duty until 1992. She served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Gulf War, making her one of America’s most historied battleships. Matt’s model is one of the best LEGO ships I’ve ever seen. The sculpting for the curved hull is notoriously difficult to achieve with LEGO, and the wood planking around the details of the superstructure is quite challenging. All in all, this is a stunning model excellently built.

USS Missouri (1:200 scale)

USS Missouri (1:200 scale)

7 comments on “Super-detailed LEGO USS Missouri model over 4 feet long

  1. Hoexbroe

    Just wondering; You DO know that it is a digital build¿?
    It´s a vry nice project, but I think you should at least mention that it is LDD…
    -Or am I wrong¿?

  2. Chris Post author

    @Hoexbroe: Yes, it is a digital creation, but I didn’t mention it for several reasons: 1) It’s an excellent render, and is not noticeable to the average viewer, 2) The techniques and building skill employed here are applicable whether it’s digital or physical, so the fact that it’s digital doesn’t detract from the model in any way, and 3) There are very few, if any, parts used in the digital model which don’t exist, which is typically one of the reasons why we point out that something is a digital creation.

  3. Mnemonyx

    I would have thought the fact that the creation is digital would be notable, and therefore worth mentioning; after all, you mentioned its (theoretical) size, the time taken to create it, and the history of the real ship. Also, using a phrase such as “that’s about 4 and a half feet!” implies, to me at least, that one could hold a tape measure up against it. Your mileage may vary.
    However, it is nonetheless an impressive creation, and clearly shows great skill from the ‘builder’.

  4. Red Spacecat

    Truth of the matter is, if mentioning the LDD part makes the build less impressive, then maybe it’s fair mentioning it to your readers. Omitting that fact actually amplifies it, especially to us knowledgable folks.

  5. Hoexbroe

    Hi again. Not really wanting to highjack the topic, because the excellent creation deserves its own space, but as you ask and reason, I´ll do the same; @Chris; Precisely because it can be difficult to see it is digital, it should be mentioned. @Josh; It should be mentioned to know in which way to admire the model; Is it a SHIP? Does it transport well to exhibitions. Does this 170 studs behemoth hold together well? -All of these questions are NULL´ed in case of a digital build, so the wiever shouldnt waste time thinking about this stuff, nor admiring the huge colection in pieces it (would) represent. I can (and do!) admire the aestethic sense of putting the digital pieces together. -No limits imposed, just selecting the best pieces and the quantity you need…
    Anyways I thank you for you comments (to my comment) and also thank you for letting me have my speak.
    Back to the EXCELLENT virtual creation.

  6. Chris Post author

    Mnemonyx, Red Spacecat, and Hoexbroe: You make fair points, and for some builds I agree that the fact that it is digital is an important point. With this particular model, given that it is very feasible (given a sufficient budget) to build this with real bricks, and the fact that it is an excellent render, I didn’t feel it was necessary. I will, however, try to keep our readers’ wishes in mind in the future. :) We genuinely do appreciate your input.

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