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Free shipping, 10228 Haunted House out, & free Monster Fighters mini-set [News]

The LEGO Shop online kicks off September with free shipping in the US,icon UK,icon and Canadaicon on all orders over $75/£50, with a free Monster Fighters mini-set thrown in to sweeten the deal.

LEGO’s latest exclusive set, Monster Fighters 10228 Haunted House, has also just been released.

The set comes with six minifigs, over two thousand parts, and enough zombie heads to build a horde.

Here’s a look at the freebie, which actually looks like it has some pretty nice pieces in it (including another zombie):

Monster Fighters freebie set

As Ace over at FBTB rightly guessed, LEGO has also been kind enough to create a page for The Brothers Brick on the Shop@Home website. We’ll be filling it up with the sets we recommend shortly, but in the meantime you can click through from here to get your free shipping and free set:

Important: If you’d like to help support The Brothers Brick, we’d love it if you would bookmark this blog post and use it to click through to the US, UK, and Canadian Shop@Home websites. (Don’t bookmark the pages I linked to above. Oddly, LEGO’s systems won’t know where you came from and 3% of your purchase won’t go toward helping us pay the bills. Ah, software…)

FREE Shipping on all LEGO Shop orders of $75 or more!  Valid through 9.21.12

Ralph’s B-52H Stratofortress is one gorgeous, Big Ugly Fat Fellow

Ralph Savelsberg (Mad physicist) takes his military aircraft in a massive direction with this gargantuan B-52 bomber. Ralph writes, “At 170 studs in length and with a span of approximately 196 studs this is the largest single model I have ever built.”

B-52H Stratofortress (1)

I’m headed back over to his photoset to finish looking at the pictures…

Can someone please get that goat off the road!

I think the reason that Maschinen Krieger is such a fantastic genre to build in, is the fact that it combines so many different styles within it’s design aesthetic. Many military builders out there will tell you that WWII era SAS & LRDG had some of the coolest kit. These guys had only themselves to rely on and as a result had to take everything but the kitchen sink with them. One Ma.K unit in particular that hearkens back to this style is the Sandstalker.

I have always been extremely envious of the amount of detail that actual Ma.K model builders can get in their models, so in an attempt to get a fraction of that amount of detail I decided to try my hand at a Sandstalker. I figured it was a perfect blank canvas to strap a bunch of junk to…

Sdh.224LR Sandstalker

Please feel free to check out the Photo Set

And for those interested…Ma.Ktoberfest is fast approaching, stay tuned for further details

BrickForge releases accessories inspired by a distant galaxy

BrickForge has just released a batch of new custom accessories perfect for bounty hunters and scoundrels alike.

BrickForge accessories

They kindly sent me a batch of their latest custom accessories — a pleasant surprise in my mailbox this afternoon. I haven’t been doing too much minifig-building this past year, so I can’t necessarily promise a review before BrickCon (too busy building other stuff), but it’s obvious these are well-designed pieces that take BrickForge in an interesting new direction.

Check out the full line on discounts LEGO Lord of the Rings sets

Adding to the LEGO Star Wars sets that are 30% off, has just discounted most of the LEGO Lord of the Rings line as well.

Here’s the list:

Some of the discounts have dropped or ended since I got Amazon’s email this morning, so this one might not last as long as the Star Wars sets.

And unfortunately, these may only be available to our US readers. (We’ll have something cool for people in more places in a couple of days.)

RIP Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), first man on the moon

Three days ago, astronaut Neil Armstrong died of complications after heart surgery. For a blog full of space-themed LEGO models (and recently obsessed with NASA’s latest adventures on Mars), it would be wrong to ignore this major news story. Neil Armstrong’s achievements, alongside all the other astronauts and cosmonauts of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and today, have inspired many of our contributors and the builders we highlight here every day.

McWii of customBRICKS posted this a couple weeks ago to honor the anniversary of the moon landing in July. It’s only fitting that we highlight it here to honor the man who left so many footprints like this one on the moon (though the famous photograph is actually one of Buzz Aldrin’s footprints).

Lego Astronaut Footprint