Can someone please get that goat off the road!

I think the reason that Maschinen Krieger is such a fantastic genre to build in, is the fact that it combines so many different styles within it’s design aesthetic. Many military builders out there will tell you that WWII era SAS & LRDG had some of the coolest kit. These guys had only themselves to rely on and as a result had to take everything but the kitchen sink with them. One Ma.K unit in particular that hearkens back to this style is the Sandstalker.

I have always been extremely envious of the amount of detail that actual Ma.K model builders can get in their models, so in an attempt to get a fraction of that amount of detail I decided to try my hand at a Sandstalker. I figured it was a perfect blank canvas to strap a bunch of junk to…

Sdh.224LR Sandstalker

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And for those interested…Ma.Ktoberfest is fast approaching, stay tuned for further details