discounts LEGO Lord of the Rings sets

Adding to the LEGO Star Wars sets that are 30% off, has just discounted most of the LEGO Lord of the Rings line as well.

Here’s the list:

Some of the discounts have dropped or ended since I got Amazon’s email this morning, so this one might not last as long as the Star Wars sets.

And unfortunately, these may only be available to our US readers. (We’ll have something cool for people in more places in a couple of days.)

3 comments on “ discounts LEGO Lord of the Rings sets

  1. Sarah

    I’m glad this blog posts news like this. I’ve wanted to get Whitecap Bay but I wasn’t sure about spending the money but saving $24 dollars, I had to get it.

    I am surprised LOTR sets are on sale so soon, I got them all, and I’m surprised they didn’t sell out quickly as much as fans seemed to want them.

  2. Syruss

    I’m not sure how Brothers Brick feels about links, but I’ve found that a good blog for finding excellent sales like this in Again, I’m not trying to steal fans or anything, and I’m not affiliated with TnB, I just thought it was a pretty handy resource for finding LEGO products on sale.

  3. Andrew Post author

    TBB isn’t a sales-focused site. We highlight these sort of deals from time to time because they help pay the bills (a certain percentage goes to help pay for things like server costs). If you’re a reader of TBB, we’d certainly appreciate your clicking through from here, rather than elsewhere.

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