Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bricks Helping Japan – LEGO charity auction for earthquake & tsunami relief

At The Brothers Brick, we’ve decided to try to do something to help out the people affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, but we need your help too.

Help Japan

You may have noticed that all of the advertising banners on the site have been replaced by links to donate to the Red Cross. That’s a start, and we certainly encourage everyone to do so. In addition, though, we’re auctioning off LEGO creations to raise more money for this important cause. If you’d like to contribute a creation to be auctioned off, please use the form on the Creations for Charity website.

If you’re interested in seeing what’s available right now, see the active auctions. More are to come!

Stairway to heaven

It’s been a while since I posted many Black Fantasy creations, but that doesn’t mean the theme is dead in my heart. This diorama called Ascension depicts two space marines escaping the infestation pit through an ascending catwalk to the helipad. After making this, I noticed that I’ve used shades of the three primary colors red, yellow, and blue as color accents, which seems like a terrible idea by itself but may have worked in this case.