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Bricks Helping Japan – LEGO Charity Auctions Update.

Several of our auctions of donated LEGO creations are ending in less than a day! Remember, all proceeds go to the Red Cross, so please bid liberally, and feel free to spread the word! As a reminder, here’s the full explanation of this charity LEGO auction effort. Here are the creations that are ending in less than a day:

LEGO Alien Space Probe Auction for the Red Cross

Charity Auction: PCS Hovertank (Star Rangers Edition)

Also, don’t forget to check out all the other on-going auctions to help the Red Cross in their efforts to help the victims of the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Custom printed minifigs and more from Citizen Brick [Review]

Joe of recently sent me some custom printed LEGO elements to take a gander. A quick glance at his store revealed some interesting and potentially useful parts such as cobblestone tiles and a tattooed minifig. As far as I know, Citizen Brick is one of the few vendors who offer a variety of custom printed parts (the others being BrickArms who focuses on military minifigs and Tommy Armstrong who only takes commissions). Here are my impressions of their products:

Quality: The text from the store claims that their products are impeccable and of the finest quality. Truth be told, they are 100% correct in saying so. The printing is no less than what you would expect from the LEGO company itself. They are centered with precision and resist rubbing and scratching by other bricks. The printed bricks themselves are new and clean, and the minifigs have stiff joints.

Compatibility: It’s important that the ink matches the palette of LEGO colors. You can judge this by looking at the picture on the right that compares the printed tiles with bley and silver LEGO parts. Both light and dark bley matches perfectly and so does the metallic silver. The patterns on the “wooden” tiles and bricks are a close but not exact match to dark tan (not shown). The patterns can be tessellated.

Price: If I had to find something not to like about these parts, it would be their prices. At roughly $1 per tile or brick, it would cost a fortune to pave a wall or road. The $20 minifigs are nothing to scoff at either. However, given the fine quality of these bricks, I don’t find their prices to be unjustified. Comparably, BrickArms, who operates at a much larger scale, charges similar prices for their printed minifigs.

Bottom Line: Citizen Brick offers a unique and quality-oriented line of custom printed parts and minifigs to enhance your creations. While you might put a dent in your wallet buying their products, you’ll be happy once you see their quality firsthand. If you’re looking for something to spice up a vignette or small creation, you should visit Citizen Brick before you get to building.

Bricks Helping Japan – Update

Donations from our readers toward the Bricks Helping Japan charity auction have been pouring in all weekend. I’ve been busy posting new auctions, and the great LEGO models up for auction just keep coming. I want to highlight some of the newest stuff here, including a few awesome creations that you’ve seen here in the past.

First off, the Phenix. Christophe Corthay has been generous enough to donate this creation that’s over 3 meters long! He says that it incorporates over 30,000 LEGO elements, and cost him over 3000 Euro in Bricklink orders. I certainly hope that our readers will make his donation worth as much to the earthquake and tsunami victims as possible!

While the Phenix is certainly the biggest creation donated so far, there are certainly many others to chose from. Here’s a sampling!

Cardinal Steam Fighter HELP JAPAN: Purchase Sand Bat 7
Probe15 Power Miners podracer: pod front

Keep your eyes peeled, as there are still more donations to be added!

Bricks Helping Japan – LEGO charity auction for earthquake & tsunami relief

At The Brothers Brick, we’ve decided to try to do something to help out the people affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, but we need your help too.

Help Japan

You may have noticed that all of the advertising banners on the site have been replaced by links to donate to the Red Cross. That’s a start, and we certainly encourage everyone to do so. In addition, though, we’re auctioning off LEGO creations to raise more money for this important cause. If you’d like to contribute a creation to be auctioned off, please use the form on the Creations for Charity website.

If you’re interested in seeing what’s available right now, see the active auctions. More are to come!