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[April Fools’!] LEGO Collector – 2. Premium Edition – with exclusive minifigure – preorder now

Fantasia Verlag, a German publisher that specializes in collectors catalogs is pleased to announce the release of the second Premium Edition of the LEGO Collector’s Guide.

The new, improved and extended catalog offers not only information about recently published LEGO sets, but also a lot of new information. The main focus is on the early years of the history of LEGO, and how the LEGO brick became what it is today. The catalog offers detailed information about more than 9,000 LEGO sets on more than 900 pages.

Limited to only 928 copies, this special hardcover Premium Edition, in English and German language, comes with detailed information, about the LEGO Classic Space theme from the eighties, with unpublished photographs and sketches. Enclosed in the noble-looking packaging is an exclusive LEGO minifigure, a “Classic Space” printed brick, and a metallic colored 1978-1987 brick to display or use in your LEGO creations!

Here are the key data of the new catalog:

– LEGO Collector 2. Premium Edition – Catalog of all LEGO Sets – from the beginning until now
– Release date: End of April 2011
– Compact DIN-A5 Hardcover format
– Around 9,000 included objects on more then 900 pages
– Metallic brick
– Printed brick
– Exclusive Classic Space minifigure

ISBN 978-3-935976-65-0
MSRP: €57.95

[April Fools’!] List of upcoming series 6 collectible minifigures

We recently found a list of upcoming series 6 collectible minifigs on a Bolivian toy website. We’ve added our speculation of the accessories that may be included with some of the characters.

• Panda suit guy
• Stunt man
• Greek philosopher (with cloth toga and scroll)
• Monk
• Barbie
• Skateboarder
• Cannibal (with internal organs)
• Athlete
• Surgeon
• Pimp
• Surfer
• Goth guy
• Ghost (with transparent clear minifig parts and ghost shroud)
• Alien girl
• Pirate captain
• Terrorist (with bomb vest)

[April Fools’!] Spinjitsu Arena!

The legendary duo Tyler and I have created yet another epic collaboration called Spinjitsu Arena! We’ve hyped it up for the past three days with our usual string of teasers, and now the moment of revelation is here. Witness the awesome Ninjago spinner action topped with explosive Banelings! There’s so much going on that we had to show it in a video. Can you handle the action?

[April Fools’!] Analysis of a blogworthy MOC

When we choose to blog a creation, we look for the quality of the build, the clarity of the photography, and how well the creation appeals to our personal tastes. While there’s still much subjectivity in these parameters, we hope that this example will elucidate what we consider to be a blogworthy MOC.

Color: the builder demonstrates a keen sense of color consciousness through the green and white stripes that define the upper and lower bounds of this MOC. He even uses a tantalizing amount of Maersk blue to pique the viewer’s interest.

Shape: a classic rectangular prism made to perfection with smooth and straight edges, you can’t get better than that.

NPU: the builder flawlessly incorporates those useless yellow window shutters and green window frame, which further matches the green stripes of this MOC.

Photography: flash is used to provide clear lighting.

The X-factor: the best builders are able to channel their personality and style into a MOC. In this case, the dust on this MOC illustrates the builder’s dedication of keeping his creations intact while the medical biochemistry textbook is indicative of the builder’s rich social life outside the hobby. Don’t mess with this stud!

[April Fools’!] Announcing “World War III” – collaborative display for TBB readers at BrickCon 2011

For our collaborative display at BrickCon this year, we’ve decided to focus more on current events. With disaster in Japan, turmoil in Libya, rising oil prices, and North Korea plotting to take over the world, we decided that the stage is ripe for World War III! That’s right, bring your shattered buildings and loose bricks and pile them in this epic display. Show everyone that the world will end before 2012!

P.S. Don’t forget to bring all your BrickArms.

[April Fools’!] Bender’s new book, LEGO: A Broken Love Story

Only a year after his first book about discovering the LEGO hobby, Jonathan Bender has announced a sequel to be released in May. The new book tells the story of how LEGO has consumed almost every aspect of his life, leading to his divorce and present life in his mother’s basement. Jonathan will be signing copies of his new release at BrickMagic this year, and he will still be single.

[April Fools’!] Win 800 Chrome Stormtroopers!

UPDATE: Very real apologies to those of you took this seriously due to the incorrect time stamp — a technical glitch on our end. To make it up to all of you, our loyal readers, we will indeed (no joking) raffle off 5 chrome stormies to 5 of you. We’ll contact you at the e-mail you used to register.


In appreciation of our faithful followers, The Brothers Brick is giving away 800 chrome stormtroopers to a lucky winner. Post a comment below for a one-in-a-million chance to enter a draw for this fabulous prize!

[April Fools’!] Creations for Charity to donate Mega Bloks

Last year’s Creations for Charity made a lot of children happy with our donation of over 500 Lego sets. We realize that our fundraiser money could be better spent buying even more construction toys. Thus we have decided to purchase and donate Mega Bloks in 2011. We hope to make many more children happy this holiday seasons and we look forward to your support!

[April Fools’!] Announcing Arcticon in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland December 22 – 25

Tired of spending Christmas with the in-laws and having to spend money on other people when you could be buying Lego for yourself? Would you rather hang out with other AFOLs in the perfect Christmas getaway, ABS style? Come to Arcticon in Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland this December 22 – 25! Lose yourself in four days of sub-zero brick-filled fun where no one will pry you for presents or spam you with trite holiday wishes. Don’t forget to pack extra layers!

[April Fools’!] Police crack down on ABS abuse

Nannan Zhang’s recent media exposure had the unfortunate side-effects of attracting local police attention on the possibility of ABS abuse. An investigation revealed over 500 MISB Lego sets stashed in Zhang’s house, which far exceeded the maximum allowance of household ABS per person. According to Officer McBloks, hoarding and distributing an addictive substance is an illegal activity. He further states that “too much ABS can’t be good for you.”