[April Fools’!] List of upcoming series 6 collectible minifigures

We recently found a list of upcoming series 6 collectible minifigs on a Bolivian toy website. We’ve added our speculation of the accessories that may be included with some of the characters.

• Panda suit guy
• Stunt man
• Greek philosopher (with cloth toga and scroll)
• Monk
• Barbie
• Skateboarder
• Cannibal (with internal organs)
• Athlete
• Surgeon
• Pimp
• Surfer
• Goth guy
• Ghost (with transparent clear minifig parts and ghost shroud)
• Alien girl
• Pirate captain
• Terrorist (with bomb vest)

19 comments on “[April Fools’!] List of upcoming series 6 collectible minifigures

  1. Daedalus

    Yeah, skateboarder might have been the best part. XD
    I would seriously love a panda suit guy though. :’\

  2. Saint416

    Some very very interesting figs here… If it’s real I think a lot went wrong with translating .. really :/ a terrorist ?? A cannibal ..okey they had them before in the pirate series… Panda-guy is very plausible … a third skater ??? No way.. Pimp ??? No, don’t think so .. No idea for the rest yet :)

  3. sparesoul

    Best Post Ever. You guys had me on the ceiling until my wife pointed out the bomb vest and April 1.

  4. powermilk

    Surgeon -> Dexter FTW! with nurse accessory (hey, if the Terrorist gets 17 virgins, why not?)

  5. Blackicep8ntball

    Crazy thing is, if TLG actually produced this lot, it would probably be their best-selling Series.

  6. gavinhunter06

    Panda suit guy (with bottle of orange sauce)
    Stunt man (with Fall Guy T Shirt Logo)
    Greek philosopher (with cloth toga and scroll and bong)
    Monk (with fermentation keg)
    Barbie (with “bumby” yellow torso)
    Skateboarder (with “RAD” t shirt)
    Cannibal (with internal organs and a soccer ball)
    Athlete (with medical needle)
    Surgeon (with camping cooler and dirty knife)
    Pimp (with “iMac, pimp diffent” t-shirt)
    Surfer (with shark bite)
    Goth guy (with extra high heels)
    Ghost (with transparent clear minifig parts and ghost shroud and Whoopi Goldberg wig)
    Alien girl (with “bumpy” green plastic toros)
    Pirate captain (with jail house jump suit)
    Terrorist (with bomb vest and “Where is Waldo” shirt and hat)

  7. lower_torso

    But the truly funny part is just how much some of these would rock! That ghost sounds awesome! If the “alien girl” is a female squidtron, that would be totally cool. Having a figure of the Sexual Harassment Panda would be hilarious! Honestly, I like the Greek philosopher! I bet they could find a way to get away with the pimp and the cannibal if they really wanted to… you know, they could be “urban gentleman,” and “gourmand.”

    Now, what is REALLY missing from this list is: Pope (with miter and Power of God)

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