[April Fools’!] Analysis of a blogworthy MOC

When we choose to blog a creation, we look for the quality of the build, the clarity of the photography, and how well the creation appeals to our personal tastes. While there’s still much subjectivity in these parameters, we hope that this example will elucidate what we consider to be a blogworthy MOC.

Color: the builder demonstrates a keen sense of color consciousness through the green and white stripes that define the upper and lower bounds of this MOC. He even uses a tantalizing amount of Maersk blue to pique the viewer’s interest.

Shape: a classic rectangular prism made to perfection with smooth and straight edges, you can’t get better than that.

NPU: the builder flawlessly incorporates those useless yellow window shutters and green window frame, which further matches the green stripes of this MOC.

Photography: flash is used to provide clear lighting.

The X-factor: the best builders are able to channel their personality and style into a MOC. In this case, the dust on this MOC illustrates the builder’s dedication of keeping his creations intact while the medical biochemistry textbook is indicative of the builder’s rich social life outside the hobby. Don’t mess with this stud!

7 comments on “[April Fools’!] Analysis of a blogworthy MOC

  1. Ochre Jelly

    You failed to point out the wonderful background composition here too, with the random book. Only an old creased bed sheet could have improved on that perfection. I think the only thing spoiling this shot is the unnecessary use of focus.

  2. davee123

    You also forgot to mention that it’s important to broaden your horizons and NOT always use LEGO brand building bricks!

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