[April Fools’!] Win 800 Chrome Stormtroopers!

UPDATE: Very real apologies to those of you took this seriously due to the incorrect time stamp — a technical glitch on our end. To make it up to all of you, our loyal readers, we will indeed (no joking) raffle off 5 chrome stormies to 5 of you. We’ll contact you at the e-mail you used to register.


In appreciation of our faithful followers, The Brothers Brick is giving away 800 chrome stormtroopers to a lucky winner. Post a comment below for a one-in-a-million chance to enter a draw for this fabulous prize!

208 comments on “[April Fools’!] Win 800 Chrome Stormtroopers!

  1. SteamBrick

    So, with this being posted on March 31st, could this still be considered an April 1st joke?

  2. Kactus

    I hate you guys thiiiis much. It’s not april fools day according to the blog time, and April fools is nearly finished where I am. Because of where I live, I have to put up with almost TWO days of April fools stuff. Now sure, some of the stuff you guys posted is funny, some of it got me, but this one is just mean. Star Wars nerds everywhere are raging because of you.

  3. DaveInStereo

    I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but I’d rather take it with 800 Chrome Stormtroopers.

  4. x_scar_x

    me likey shiney!
    me likey shiney!
    me likey shiney!
    stop it, your a big boy now
    april fool’s day!

  5. gambort

    Sigh… to all the people saying “it’s not April 1st yet” please consider that you don’t live in the only timezone in the world…


  6. Gatchan

    I would loooove to have one of this chrome stormtroopers. My son’s birthday is near, so it could be a great gift…

  7. rickjamesbricks

    Chrome Stormtroopers Would Look Good Invading My Moc’s

    Thanks For Keeping me up to date with everything to do with lego!

  8. dextercrk

    What is the difference between a Chrome ST and a regular ST? Not that I would mind having 800 of either…

  9. Sebeus

    And even if, 800 is a lot, what to do with so many ? I’ll happily take just one of them, why don’t you change this title to “win 799 chrome stormtroopers” :P

  10. Stardusty

    Hmm, I don’t think April’s Fools joke that is. On March 31st posted it was. (imagine it with Yoda’s voice).
    Even if it is joke, it’s better to try now then be sad for not trying later.
    I think it would be nicer to donate them to Bricks Helping Japan.

  11. clement

    Do we just have to drop a line to get a chance to win this fabulous prize ??? Easy, isn’t it ? Even if it’s an Aprils fool day thing, I give a try !

  12. Rzah

    April fool or no, its worth a comment for the slim chance of a bucket of shiny stormtroopers.

  13. legozach

    I know this is an April Fool’s Day joke, but anyway who would want 800 instead of 3 or 4?

  14. tigre-bleu

    800 stormtroopers? If it is not an april fool, I’d better start looking for a bigger room!

  15. redbeardlegoman

    I don’t really need 800 chrome storm troopers. I don’t know what I would do with them, but even if this is an early April Fool’s Joke, I can’t really lose anything but time. I’ll take my chances. Send me my Chrome Army, please.

  16. lefthandrob

    Oh April 1. If this is real … my new LEGO room would be all the richer for these.

  17. lego_paige

    You gotta throw your Hat in the arena for this one!!! too bad theres no dueling involved!

  18. Sarah

    It wasn’t till even after this post that I went, “Oh yeah, April Fools Day”
    Totally got me on the Hello Kitty sets last year!

  19. bbot7

    Well it’s worth a shot. No idea what I’d do with 800 figs, but I’m pretty sure me and my younger siblings would figure it out. Personally, I’d just hope for one!

  20. Detroitika

    Wait a minute, Sarah, Those hello kitty sets weren’t real?
    They got me too last year. Most of this years’s posts got me too…especially the Lego: A Broken love story.
    Anyway, i figured that in case this post was real, I would finnally get a TBB account just to comment!

  21. upyourkilt

    800 figs – perfect for our epic snow diorama we’re making!! Woot! Please?? Pretty?

  22. Carda39

    This looks awesome. I’m sure I could find SOMEthing to do with 800 stormtrooper minifigs.

  23. RocketSeason

    Whelp, I am totally in! I will be sure to do something great with my winnings. Like horde ’em all and hide ’em from my kid. (this post does have a March 31st times stamp on it and all… Just saying.)

  24. meiguizi

    wow, that would make my existing stormtrooper collection look both small, and non-shiny

  25. joshboelter

    If you give them to me, I’ll keep a few and donate the rest back to one of your charity events!

  26. bricktrooper403

    me thinks this might be a april fools day joke, albeit one day early, but what the hell.

  27. hrandy36

    me thinks this might be a april fools day joke, albeit one day early, but it was posted on my birthday So why not try.

  28. Matchlighter

    Here is my comment. How can it be an April Fools joke? It was posted March 31st. I guess it could be a March Fools joke ;)

  29. stefan26

    I wish today wasn’t april 1st. I totally want the stormiess. It’s gonna be a bling-bling battle.

  30. pozza

    Wow!! I absolutely love Brothers Brick! At only aged 15, it gives me so much inspiration for what to build with Lego and hopefully one day I’ll end up building MOCs good enough to be shown! This is an absolutely fabulous competition! :)

    Also, I’d LOVE to get my hands on even just one of those Storm Troopers! XD

  31. Kooberz

    Wow…I thought I had an account on here already…maybe they got rid of it for April Fools. And I hope this contest isn’t april fools!

  32. LegoBrandon

    Lets hope this isn’t an April Fools joke. But, it will be great to have all those Stormtroopers.

  33. forpetessake93

    I’ll pretend this isn’t just some annoying ploy to get more comment.

    *Force mind trick*

    You Will Give These To Me.

  34. manchadus

    Yo los necesito, debo armar un ejército de Stormtroopers para defenderme de los extraterrestres que llegan el 2012! Los Silver tienen mucho mejor estado físico.

  35. EnduringCold

    Odds of this being a joke a negligible. I mean, who jokes about something as awesome as this? Hey, I’m totally in, count my comment.

  36. Leg godt

    Thanks for hosting a raffle with around 9600$ worth of prizes to go to one person(me)!

  37. SWLegoLover

    I love your updates in the world of LEGO and would therefore love to WIN! Especially since it involves Star Wars!

  38. MrOrangeVETS

    Wow Amazing ,
    hope its not a april fooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cause 167 ppl so far ,,,, well done :) ME so 168

  39. eljakod

    I want to win, and my son does too! We’re both hoping it’s not an April fools gag…but hey, just in case it is, hahaha. If not, he says we NEED them to complete part of the army.

  40. 77legokid

    Do I give you my address? I wanna know how to get ’em if I win. Which I really, really, really, really want to get. I don’t even have any normal stormtroopers!

  41. zonchau

    Of course this isn’t an April Fools Joke, it was posted 4 hours away from April Fools. Looks like an awesome raffle if its real, if not thanks for the awesome picture of sealed stormtroopers.

  42. Built4Play

    I love to Win Stuff, I love the number 800, I love Chrome, and I love Stormtroopers.

  43. gofercoke

    That’s a fine way to get a count on your readers. The long time lurkers like me are finally starting to register. Who can resist the chance at a chrome army?

  44. charliechook1

    I’d really love just one for my figure collection, and other 799 could go to the Earthquake/Tsunami appeal.

  45. Lakitu

    Been lurking for a while.

    It is a shame that you guys didn’t split the “pot” into 3 or 4 packages, because more people could win that way…

  46. Andrew

    Okay, enough is enough. :-) April Fools’!

    Very real apologies to those of you took this seriously due to the incorrect time stamp — a technical glitch on our end. To make it up to all of you, our loyal readers, we will indeed (no joking) raffle off 5 chrome stormies to 5 of you. We’ll contact you at the e-mail you used to register.

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