[April Fools’!] Creations for Charity to donate Mega Bloks

Last year’s Creations for Charity made a lot of children happy with our donation of over 500 Lego sets. We realize that our fundraiser money could be better spent buying even more construction toys. Thus we have decided to purchase and donate Mega Bloks in 2011. We hope to make many more children happy this holiday seasons and we look forward to your support!

9 comments on “[April Fools’!] Creations for Charity to donate Mega Bloks

  1. gavinhunter06

    Man, those iron man sets are hot phi-ya, what are you talking about! I got like 10 MISB sets. Those will be selling for ballin’ big stacks on ebay come christmas, “You don’t even have to count the money…it’s all there…”

  2. Brad

    I think TBB is setting its sights a bit too low. Why stop at only MEGA-brand construction blocks? After all, there are plenty of other excellent brands to choose from!

    Surely, we can find someone to donate some classic Hasbro Built-to-Rule Transformers and Star Trek toys. And what about those unloved Chinese-made bricks that were destroyed in Europe? How unfair! We should find as many of those brands and distribute them, too. All bricks united to help make happy kids!

  3. legocreatorguy

    how thoughtful! I mean, it can’t get worse for them… can it?

    Yes. it can. LOL

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