Bricks Helping Japan – Update

Donations from our readers toward the Bricks Helping Japan charity auction have been pouring in all weekend. I’ve been busy posting new auctions, and the great LEGO models up for auction just keep coming. I want to highlight some of the newest stuff here, including a few awesome creations that you’ve seen here in the past.

First off, the Phenix. Christophe Corthay has been generous enough to donate this creation that’s over 3 meters long! He says that it incorporates over 30,000 LEGO elements, and cost him over 3000 Euro in Bricklink orders. I certainly hope that our readers will make his donation worth as much to the earthquake and tsunami victims as possible!

While the Phenix is certainly the biggest creation donated so far, there are certainly many others to chose from. Here’s a sampling!

Cardinal Steam Fighter HELP JAPAN: Purchase Sand Bat 7
Probe15 Power Miners podracer: pod front

Keep your eyes peeled, as there are still more donations to be added!

4 comments on “Bricks Helping Japan – Update

  1. aplbomr

    I think it is great to see people donating their talent, time, and money to this great relief effort. There are some amazing people with great talents and it is nice to see this.

    I am a late AFOL and have just started to rebuild my collection; my childhood collection is being held captive by my parents so my children can play with it when we visit. I am not able to donate just yet, but I will be watching for one that fits my castle realm!

  2. Dan Post author

    If you scroll down on the auction listing, you will see a note explaining this and correcting the link.

    Basically, a glitch in eBay’s system cross-linked. eBay doesn’t allow us to change an active auction listing, though, so a correction note was the only option. It’s unfortunate.

  3. ry

    My mind is still blown that the Phenix was put up for auction. That’s some crazy generosity right there.

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