Nannan talks about Lego and his creations

I was recently featured in an article in The Dallas Morning News, what’s relevant is a video they shot of me talking and showing some of my creations in my Lego room. You can see the disproportionate amount of black and bleys I have compared to the other colors :)

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  1. Rook

    Nannan, I was very jealous of you getting interviewed. Then I saw your MOC Madness entry and remembered I’ve beat once! And that’s good enough for me. Awesome collection! Still jealous of that. :D I’ll have to turn this hobby into a business to ever get close to your piece selection. :( Congrats on the interview.

  2. lower_torso

    That was very nicely done! Handling the media is not easy. You didn’t get trapped in any embarassing sound bites, and you were very “adult” about your hobby while still projecting your enthusiasm. That is not easy! Fortunately, the person assembling and editing the footage was also very professional.

    On the flip side, I am now MUCH less self-conscious about my tiny little part collection! But I gotta say, without bley, we are nothing. :)

  3. wintermute

    Two things I learned from this video:
    1.) The Zhang sorts by color which explains a lot
    2.) Lego is “mentally exhausting”

  4. jenniferromney

    Nannan, how wonderful! I was just showing your site yesterday to Dean Gore (you may be hearing from her young son soon about donating to next year’s Creations for Charity), and now here you are, famous!

    People continuously admired my LEGO Brookings, by the way. (If it ever “disappears,” the first place I’ll look for it will be the Chancellor’s Office :) ).

    Fondly — Dean Romney

  5. bamaker

    What a wonderful interview; Nannan you were very articulate and displayed a sense of joy and humor about this great hobby, plus giving a sense of the difficulty entailed in creating. Plus, the video did not attempt to display AFOLs as “different” from other adults or hobby enthusiasts. Well done.

  6. Dan

    Heh, I guess I could’ve posted here about my interview for The Washingtonian. I didn’t even think of it. Good job, Nannan.

  7. bonaparte

    Nice interview Nannan, very relaxed, fluent, informative and not making us AFOLs look like geeks :)

  8. Ricecracker

    Great interview Nannan! It’s always interesting learning more about talented builders.

    After this, being interviewed by a local magazine, and Dave Sterling’s interview last year, I’m really starting to get a sense of people seeing us as other, normal people, and sharing a genuine interest in what we do.

  9. 3d

    hey nannan, my mum saw your video, and she would like to know if you wouldn’t mint come to france and sort my lego room, wich is a total mess lol think about it, she’s a good cook lol

  10. Fraslund

    I am relatively new to Lego, but you summed up very well everything I love about building. The creative process is very rewarding. Great interview!

  11. jnkberry

    I have been around and around with multiple different ways of sorting and storing and I would love to know what type of drawers are those. They look to be the perfect size for what I need.
    Great interview by the way.

  12. TheBrickster

    Hi Nannan. I’ve always admired your creations. Nice interview and it’s neat to see some of your other creations and that fantastic collection of bricks in the background of your LEGO room. Congrats on being featured in Dallas Morning News. You represent the LEGO community well. Regards, -TheBrickster

  13. 50missioncap

    Great interview. I loved what you said about the creative process – the mental exhaustion in particular.

  14. orkyd

    Well done. I think you are becoming the face of AFOL’s everywhere. You were well spoken and honest.

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