Monthly Archives: September 2010

Fort McHenry

Frequent readers may recall this creation from my roundup after BrickFair. The builder has finally gone ahead and posted photos of the diorama.

There are some great details worked into this creation. I especially love the various explosions and splashes, giving a great impression of a moment caught in time.

Battle of Fort McHenry

I also applaud the builder for his very interesting composition choices. Cutting off the ship to give a cross sectional view is a stroke of genius.

Definitely not a bored room

Boardroom Table

I usually steer clear of multi-coloured brick-because-it’s-in-fashion art and design but I have to confess this particular boardroom table caught my eye. Not only is it genuinely made entirely of real LEGO (22k pieces of it no less) but there is no glue involved and a bunch of cute details including the client’s name.

As an added bonus the designers have included a 2-minute stop motion video of its creation down the bottom of the page.