Monthly Archives: September 2010

I wish my bored-inspired creations were this pretty.

Whenever I try and build when I’m bored, the results aren’t post-worthy. But this is clearly not the case for David Leest. His “bored” creations are clearly much better than mine.

That said, I really like this particular creation of his. I like the multi-level, bright colored goodness. It has enough implied movement to keep my eye wandering, and that works for me.

Command, we have contact

For the past six years, I’ve been haunted by the words of Soren Roberts that “you’re not a man until you’ve built [a SHIP].” And so, the past month has been a rite of passage for me. For this year’s BrickCon, Tyler Clites and I present our second collaboration: Vexillum and the Iron Maiden. The story goes like this:

A millennium into the future, the Vexillum patrol cruiser receives a distress signal of an outbreak on the prison ship Iron Maiden. Upon investigation, things turned out to be much more than loose criminals on board, at least not the human ones anyway.

Vexillum, by Tyler

Iron Maiden, by Nannan

Out of the dark ages and into a dark house

Mike Doyle came out of his dark ages only during this summer after a visit to LEGOLAND, and he built this?! I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of realism achieved using predominantly two colors. As the builder notes, this is “more of a textural study,” and a darn fine one too.

You can follow Mike’s current and future projects on his newly created Lego blog. Thanks for the tip El Barto!

Brickforge makes Brickcon Castle packs! [News]

The Castle layout at BrickCon is going all out this year! In support of that effort, Brickforge is contributing exclusive packs for contributors to the Castle section at the Con. Gotta love those gold helms…

Lego Brickforge Castle Pack Custom

Quantities are limited, so if you have something medieval, let me know about it. We can always use more Castle goodness.

BrickCon 2010: Last-minute logistics

BrickCon 2010 starts this Thursday (with the public exhibition on Saturday and Sunday). If you’re not ready yet — I know I’m not — you don’t have a whole lot of time left!

First, today and tomorrow are your last chance to register your MOC cards. Remember, only registered LEGO creations are eligible to win prizes.

At this point, your main concerns should probably be packing and traveling. (See our BrickCon 2009 logistics post for links to suggestions on how to pack your LEGO so it travels safely.)

As for getting to the convention location for less than five bucks, Mark Sandlin has updated his Infothingy™ to reflect the fact that our light rail now goes all the way from Sea-Tac Airport to Westlake Center. Throw in a bonus monorail ride to take you the rest of the way, and it’s not only inexpensive but down right awesome:

Brickcon Infothingy™ 2010

With nearly 400 registered attendees, BrickCon 2010 is shaping up to be the biggest yet. See you all there later this week!