Fort McHenry

Frequent readers may recall this creation from my roundup after BrickFair. The builder has finally gone ahead and posted photos of the diorama.

There are some great details worked into this creation. I especially love the various explosions and splashes, giving a great impression of a moment caught in time.

Battle of Fort McHenry

I also applaud the builder for his very interesting composition choices. Cutting off the ship to give a cross sectional view is a stroke of genius.

5 comments on “Fort McHenry

  1. eilonwy77

    It might be nice to mention the builder’s name in this blog entry too; he might appreciate it.

    And yes, this is really great. I love the cut off boat. ;-)

  2. Dan Post author

    The builder requested that we link to mocpages, not flickr, when he notified me that he’d posted the MOC.

    The failure to post his name was merely a factor of my fatigue.

    Thanks for your oh-so-helpful advice. ;-)

  3. eilonwy77

    Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a pill. I just know what an honor it is to be posted in your blog, and I wanted to make sure he got proper recognition. ;-)

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