Monthly Archives: January 2010

They call it Tan Fantasy

When I started building this stuff, I wasn’t sure what to call it. It’s certainly flattering to see other people build in this style, though, especially when the creations are as good as this one.

The Cortical Assimilator by Lloyd W looks pretty amazing. He’s managed to cram a ton of details into a very small package. He’s also done some sort of trick lighting or photography to get all his new gray pieces to look like old gray. He’s certainly outdone my latest in density of detail.

Cortical Assimilator

V-22 Phoenix

I’ve been a fan of sk-fi since the Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe game on the PC in the 90s. The genre seems to have its ups and downs within the LEGO building community. Fortunately, even when it’s not a popular thing to build, there are still gems to be found.

This new plane by Jon Hall suits me just fine. It looks just like it was envisioned as the future of aircraft by an artist in the 1940s. He’s also made fantastic use of the new clear dome piece for part of a canopy, even though I’m sure it barely stays in place.

V-22 Phoenix

Colossal Castle Contest Winners Announced! [News]

The Classic-Castle Admins have finished the judging and announced the results! Check out the winners. There are some excellent castle creations there. If you need more Castle goodness, take a peek at all the entries. While there were less entries this year, the quality seems to continue to rise. I can tell you, it was hard to judging this year.

LL-215 AKA More Chunky Goodness

Maybe I’m stuck in a rut, or maybe I’m subconciously trying to tell myself what to build next. Whatever the reason, I seem to be into chunky Neo Classic Space creations lately.

Take this ship by Uspez Morbo. Once again, I like the chunky style of the ship. The slight element of assymetry added by the gun is also a nice touch.

Getting down to finer details, I’m a big fan of the use of arches to create negative space in the wings. This is further set off by the use of wings from the old UFO sets, lending a bit of a gothic feel. Of course, having used a similar canopy arrangement myself, I have to be a fan of the cockpit. Also, make sure to check out the fantastic use of 1×1 bricks on the edges of the wings, to add texture.

LL-215 Neo Classic Space ship