LEGO releases its internal color palette [News]

The Design Lab at LEGO has finally agreed to share the company’s internal color scheme with the public. In the chart below, you can see the official LEGO color names with their corresponding color numbers.

Of course, there are differences between the names that LEGO gives to their colors and what we fans call them. Nevertheless, this is still very useful information, especially to improve communication with The LEGO Group regarding the LUGBULK Program.

Official LEGO color palette

You can download a high-res version (25 KB Adobe Reader PDF) as well.

12 comments on “LEGO releases its internal color palette [News]

  1. Fred

    Man I must need to calibrate my monitor. Yellow looks like mustard compared to the yellow lego piece I hold up next to the monitor

  2. F_T_K

    It would be nice if they updated their online Pick-a-Brick to match these color names, too. I’m getting tired of searching for ‘dark green’, and only seeing the pieces that are available in ‘bright green’.

  3. worker201

    Guys, your monitors produce their own light, while Lego bricks reflect light. I wouldn’t expect any of them to look the same on screen as they do in real life. Printing the color table may give better results.

  4. spudart

    Do you think that when the LEGO product people are sitting down to figure out colors that they have a Pantone book in hand? There’s gotta be a way of them picking new colors.

    Or maybe they set up a color grid in a program online, and then they just print out the colors. Then they look at that printout and tell their manufacturers to match the printout?

    I’d like to think they use something more consistent like a Pantone book.

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