Brickvention 2010 Roundup

The above image by batwingtm will take you to the flickr group which also includes pictures from previous Brickventions. I’ll add more links as I find them.

Well I’ve just got back from Melbourne after attending Brickvention 2010 and having a little holiday. I’m very tired so will keep this brief but I felt I owed it to our readers and the 70 Australian who attended (plus the 2800 people that came to see!) to blog something from the convention before the week was out. I took no photos myself (camera had a dead battery and they always turn out bad anyway) but there’s a bunch of them up on Flickr now (alternate link to search on Brickvention 2010 tags).

PS. Below is the best in show award winner. I’ll be blogging more about it ASAP.

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  1. gambort Post author

    The reason it’s taking so long is that there are many features to highlight. Some of which require my girlfriend’s help.

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