LL-215 AKA More Chunky Goodness

Maybe I’m stuck in a rut, or maybe I’m subconciously trying to tell myself what to build next. Whatever the reason, I seem to be into chunky Neo Classic Space creations lately.

Take this ship by Uspez Morbo. Once again, I like the chunky style of the ship. The slight element of assymetry added by the gun is also a nice touch.

Getting down to finer details, I’m a big fan of the use of arches to create negative space in the wings. This is further set off by the use of wings from the old UFO sets, lending a bit of a gothic feel. Of course, having used a similar canopy arrangement myself, I have to be a fan of the cockpit. Also, make sure to check out the fantastic use of 1×1 bricks on the edges of the wings, to add texture.

LL-215 Neo Classic Space ship

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