Monthly Archives: February 2009

Zach’s Manticore

Zach has built a droid, called a manticore that’s so bizarre that I can’t look away. I always thought that a manticore was a lion with a human head and a scorpion’s tail. Instead, I’m looking at a droid that has two feet, and that’s where the similarity to anything in nature ends for me. That’s also why I like it, it’s so different from anything else out there. The technique using wing plates to make a curve is used here to great effect, and integrated quite well.

Manticore Mecha

The Zipper’s Zu-Rama Elite gives me the heebie jeebies

BZPower member The Zipper recently posted this “hornet-like creature” that you probably wouldn’t meet in your great aunt’s garden — not that you’d want to!

The Zipper’s design also gives her creature a look akin to a Zerg Mutalisk — another nasty beast whose acquaintance you’d best avoid.

Thanks for the link, Joey!

Chris Deck, master mini modeler

It absolutely baffles me that we’ve featured the microscale creations of Chris Deck (Legostein) precisely … once! I realized this oversight when I headed over to the new FBTB to post my own microscale BSG hangar.

Chris’ latest microscale models include a Corporate Alliance Tank Droid and Republic Gunship from Star Wars:

As you might imagine, I’m particularly keen on his Foundry Ship from Battlestar Galactica:

Chris was one of the first micro/mini-scale builders I encountered — way back in 2001~2002, and his LEGO creations have always inspired me. For aspiring LEGO builders out there, Chris includes meticulous instructions for most of his models.

Check out all of his LEGO creations on Chris Deck’s LEGO website and on Brickshelf.