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The new MOCpages, a better place for sharing your creations [News/Editorial]

Starting today, visitors to MOCpages will discover a whole new set of available features to make the sharing of LEGO creations a more fun and interactive experience. Going into the new year, MOCpages has undergone significant changes following the suggestions of fans over the years. The new features allow you to join groups and participate in discussion topics, receive activity updates on your creations and from your favorite builders, explore the recent most popular creations and do much more.

The new MOCpages has integrated popular features from sites such as Flickr, Youtube, and Facebook. At the same time, the website is still the only place where LEGO fans can dedicate a HTML-enabled webpage to presenting a creation. The new comments system (which previously functioned as reviews) now allows for discussion of creations, further enhanced by users being able to create a buddy icon for individualized identity.

The activities pages display comments on your creations, new creations by your favorite builders, latest discussions in your groups and more.

MOCpages has adopted an explore feature that lets you browse the most popular creations of the day, week, and month. In addition, you can sort through creations to see the most discussed ones and the most recent.

Groups bring together people, interests, and creations. You can create and administer your own or join others. Also, you can start discussion topics within groups, host contests, work on group projects, and do more.

These are just a few of the many new features of the new MOCpages. If you’re not a user yet, signing up is free.

And now for the brief editorial portion regarding the new MOCpages. As someone who has been actively using MOCpages for its past four out of five years of existence on the web, I can say that the new site marks the most significant change in the history of this community. However, in the course of the past few years, MOCpages has acquired a negative image among some LEGO fans, who have observed the quality of its showcased creations to decline; and as a result, many withdrew from using MOCpages and switched to sites such as Flickr. Nevertheless, there are still a handful of reputable builders who continue to use MOCpages for its unique feature to dedicate a customizable webpage to the display of one’s creations. With the implementation of the new features, MOCpages gains characteristics that significantly boosts its previously lacked interactive qualities. Will these changes be enough to attract prominent builders and more adult fans to its new community?

It is worthwhile to note the achievements of man running the show, Sean Kenney, who singlehandedly maintained the website during all these years. In the recent past, Sean has been busy with setting up the new MOCpages and has made revision after revision to the site following the suggestions by the testers. Having explored all the main features of the new website, I attest that the new community is ready for its launch. Sean has put down the potentials for the new MOCpages to become an even more popular place to share LEGO creations; it is now up to us builders to add our contributions.

In the course of the near future, MOCpages will continue development and implement even more features. The coming year will mark significant changes and growth. So stop by and dig out your old password or make a new account. Join in on the party while it has just begun.

7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer [News]

This set is generating quite a bit of discussion in our old post about 2009 LEGO Star Wars box art, so now that it’s up on (though not yet available to order), I thought I’d let everyone else know.

Here’s 7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailericon:


And the direct link for those of you unable to click through the picture: