Monthly Archives: November 2007

Clear way for a motorized tank!

Carlos Encinas creates the first motorized tank I’ve seen called the Tiger. Click on the picture to read more about the model.

Check out the video of the tank in motion!

I am impressed by the functionality of the mindstorms kit. I am coincidentally working on my own motorized tank, but it uses a basic motor. This impressive demonstration of combining robotics with system certainly inspired me to consider using mindstorms in any future endeavors at motorized things.

Via Klocki

Hippotam revealed!

As a great builder and the creator of one of my favorite LEGO blogs (Klocki Lego dla dorosłych), I can’t imagine the LEGO online community without the man we knew previously only as Hippotam.

To honor the selection of his “Armadillo” (on the left above) as the “MOC of the Month” on Portuguese LEGO fan site Fórum 0937, the site featured an interview. Now, we’re lucky enough to have an English version on Klocki.

So, nice to meet you, Marcin Danielak! :-D

Podcast interview with Darkspawn

Aaron Andrews (aka Darkspawn) was just featured on a podcast interview on LAML. Check out what this master castle builder has to say about his most recent Crown Manor and his works in general. Here is his interview.

It is intentional that I tagged this blog entry in the “superhero” category :)

And if you enjoyed this interview, check out LAML’s two other very recent interviews with Josh Wedin and John Langrish.