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Herbie Rides Again!

Herbie is one of my favorite “movie” cars. Tyler did a perfect job…with the added bonus of PowerFunctions! Lovely, lovely build.

Lego Herbie PowerFunctions Lugnuts Challenge

This was built for Lugnuts 30th Challenge, which is inspiring some awesome cars, if you ask me….which of course you didn’t.

A great deal happened in 1955.

Fun fact–I am, in fact, a sucker for classic cars. I went to my prom in a very, very lovely 1967 Firebird, and the thing simply purred.

And while my building style makes it difficult for me to translate that sort of enthusiasm into LEGO, Peter Blackert does not appear to have the same issue that I do:

There are plenty more vehicles in his gallery.

Holiday cheer, Lino-style

Lino Martins wishes everyone a very happy holidays, as Santa and Natasha make a second appearance next to this sweet 1966 Ford Galaxie, part of this month’s LUGNuts challenge, A Galaxie of Possibilities.

LEGO 1966 Ford Galaxie

Click the pic to read Lino’s full write-up.

You know what cars these days are missing? Fins and flames

My wife and I are dreading the inevitable death of Stormtrooper, our ’93 Honda Accord with 220K miles on it. She hates all post 1993 cars and she squeals with delight every time she sees any classic cars with fins, flames or hydraulics. Appropriate that some exceptionally good models have turned up as part of the I Wanna Be Like You challenge at LUGnuts. The first is Lino M’s 1960 Ford Starliner complete with thoroughly cool interior.

LEGO Lino M 1960 Ford Starliner

Not coincidentally, the second model is Ralph Savelsberg’s (Mad Physicist) because he is the honoree of the I Wanna Be Like You challenge. This 1951 Mercury, which uses some phenomenal techniques to create the green flames is quite striking.

LEGO Mad Physicist 1951 Mercury flames

Because I live in Southern California, I’ve been looking for a hot rod with a Virgin of Guadalupe on the hood, but have failed so far. If you know of one or built one, drop me a line.

Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all in the US. Go eat some pie! Mmmmm, pie.

Bus Driver’s Prayer

RalphS LEGO Routemaster and black cab

I’m pretty sure we’ve blogged this before.

OK so we’ve kind of blogged it before but Ralph Savelsberg (madphysicist) has given Firas’ scene a redux for the latest LUGNUTs challenge. This is truly the best Routemaster I’ve seen at minifig scale.

Lino’s 1960 Chevy Apache will carry inland surfers to the dunes

It’s hard to believe that LUGNuts is already two years old, but the group of LEGO car builders celebrated its second anniversary in October. For the anniversary challenge, LUGNuts co-founder Lino Martins built a 1960 Chevrolet Apache.

LEGO 1960 Chevrolet Apache

The truck is great — with diamond patterns on the interior and a great gas can — but the backdrop is just as interesting. I love the cow’s skull and vulture.

Click the picture to read Lino’s full write-up about his inspiration, and see his roundup of all the entries on the LUGNuts blog.

I’m sure I was told not to judge something by its cover.

The same applies to this creation, from Jonathon Derksen. An entry for the 23rd Challenge over at LUGNuts, the red truck is quite unassuming:

But have a look inside and see why you want this truck on YOUR side during the Zombie Apocalypse.

Announcing the 23rd LUGNuts challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Killfest ’09 [News]

With exactly one month until BrickCon, we’re teaming up with LUGNuts for their 23rd build challenge, Zombie Apocalypse Killfest ’09.

LEGO TATRA S&S Wildland Ultra XT in zombie apocalypse liveryNaturally, we’re hoping that those of you who build something for this challenge will also bring it for the Zombie Apocafest 2009 collaborative display at BrickCon.

As with other LUGNuts challenges, this is sure to generate some truly creative builds. And creativity is key! We won’t be awarding prizes at BrickCon for Biggest Guns, Most Chains, or Best Use of Brown and Gray.

This challenge is about apocafied civilian vehicles, like my S&S Wildland Ultra XT brushfire engine. Note the bright red color and complete lack of chains, though I must admit that the crazy Bionicle spike strip proved irresistible…

So, head on over to the Zombie Apocalypse Killfest ’09 thread on Flickr, read Lino‘s hilarious challenge, and build something awesome!

Cycle 7 LEGO Ambassadors announced

The next cycle of LEGO Ambassadors has been announced and includes 45 fans spanning 27 nationalities and 50 different groups, which is impressive in its diversity and serves as a testimonial to the worldwide interest in the hobby.

The following lists the Ambassadors that were chosen from the 86 nominees, including the group(s) they represent and their country. Congratulations to the new LEGO Ambassadors and to Tim, who is the representative for The Brothers Brick!

Sebastion Arts – De Bouwsteen – The Netherlands
Sue Ann Barber – MUGs – Australia
Patrick Begin – QueLUG – Canada
Heiner Berg – MBFR – Germany
Norbert Black – ParLUGment – Canada
Pitsanu Boonyarit – Thai Brick Club – Thailand
Andrew Bulthaupt – BZPower – USA
Pijarn Charoensri – T-LUG – Thailand
Marco Chiappa – ItLUG – Italy
Ben Coifman – Railbricks, ILTCO & COLTC – USA
Fernando Correia – PLUG – Portugal
Yvonne Doyle – Brickish Association – the United Kingdom
Ben Ellermann – Classic-Castle.com, GtwLUG, ForbiddenCove.com – USA
Adrian Florea – RoLUG – Romania
David Furphy – CALG – Australia
Lluis Gibert – HispaLUG – Spain
Tim Gould – Brothers-Brick.com – Australia
Matija Grguric – Klub Kockice – Croatia
Philip Heinrich – Bricksinmotion.com – USA
Tom Jacobs – Classic-Pirates.com – Belgium
Tsang Yiu Keung – HKLUG – Hong Kong
Sung-Wan Kim – BrickInside – South Korea
Christian Krutzfeldt – 1000Steine – Germany
Tuomas Kukkamaa – Palikkatakomo – Finland
John Langrish – VicLUG – Canada
Igor Makarov – DoubleBrick & Phantoms – Russia
Lino Martins – LUGNUTS & SeaLUG – USA
Matija Puzar – Brikkelauget – Norway
Don Reitz – FBTB.net – USA
Wagner Cavalli – LUG Brasil – Brazil
Harald Roossien – LowLUG – The Netherlands
Dan Rubin – Classic-Space.com – USA
Yoshikazu Saito – AFOL Japan – Japan
Svend Erik Saksun – Byggepladen – Denmark
Verena Schaden – LCOe – Austria
James Shields – Brick.IE – Ireland
Josephine Shih – TWLUG – Taiwan
Mikael Sjostedt – Eurobricks & SweLUG – Sweden
Pedro Silva – Comunidade 0937 – Portugal
Ludo Soete – BeLUG – Belgium
Stacy Sterling – MOCpages & TwinLUG – USA
Saso Tomat – Slobricks – Slovenia
Jenn Wagner – BrickLink – Canada
Marcin Witkiewicz – LugPol – Poland
Cagri Yuz – TurkLUG – Turkey

Some say the world will end in fire...

LEGO 1970 Ford Pinto

For the most recent group challenge, LUGNuts co-founder and LEGO Ambassadors nominee Lino Martins built a 1970 Ford Pinto. The rear of that car looks like it’s on fire! Oh wait, it is — it’s a Pinto.

Some say in ice...


Straight out of Wayne’s World, it’s party time (excellent!) in Nathan Proudlove‘s AMC Pacer. Another entry for the LUGNuts “Fire and Ice” challenge, Nathan’s Pacer even has Lambo doors.

Walker Ride

Steven Walker takes us on a vintage road trip in his Model A coupe, built for LUGNuts concept challenge. Its a pretty little thing!