You know what cars these days are missing? Fins and flames

My wife and I are dreading the inevitable death of Stormtrooper, our ’93 Honda Accord with 220K miles on it. She hates all post 1993 cars and she squeals with delight every time she sees any classic cars with fins, flames or hydraulics. Appropriate that some exceptionally good models have turned up as part of the I Wanna Be Like You challenge at LUGnuts. The first is Lino M’s 1960 Ford Starliner complete with thoroughly cool interior.

LEGO Lino M 1960 Ford Starliner

Not coincidentally, the second model is Ralph Savelsberg’s (Mad Physicist) because he is the honoree of the I Wanna Be Like You challenge. This 1951 Mercury, which uses some phenomenal techniques to create the green flames is quite striking.

LEGO Mad Physicist 1951 Mercury flames

Because I live in Southern California, I’ve been looking for a hot rod with a Virgin of Guadalupe on the hood, but have failed so far. If you know of one or built one, drop me a line.

Happy Thanksgiving to all y’all in the US. Go eat some pie! Mmmmm, pie.

2 comments on “You know what cars these days are missing? Fins and flames

  1. Lino M

    Thanks for blogging us, Thanel, it means a lot. The car you seek is a lowrider, not a hot rod. Latinos tend to be devout Catholics and as they build lowriders your Lady of Guadalupe might be found there. Sometimes they paint her under the hood, not on it. That way, when you open the hood its like an altar. The fave car amongst the lowridin’ community is the ’64 Chevy Impala. Just attend a few lowrider shows and you may find the treasured car you seek.

  2. Thanel Post author

    ^ Oh I know where to find a real one. I live in SoCal after all. I want to see one made out of LEGO. Get right on that, Lino. ;)

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