Black Friday deals on LEGO for 2009 [News]

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means we Americans head out with our bellies still bloated from Thanksgiving dinner and stand in line to buy things. If that’s not really your thing (or if you just want to double up on LEGO shopping fun), here are a few deals from the Web.

The Official LEGO Shop $10 off purchases over $100, $20 off $200, and $30 off $300, plus free shipping on any order over $99. LEGO tells us that the Sales and Deals
icon page will also be updated with several items on Friday.

LEGO Brand Retail

Toys R Us is offering Up to 60% off on over 100 online-only Cyber Deals from November 26 through November 28.

Toys R Us

For a complete rundown of brick-and-mortar deals, head on over to FBTB. We’ll also update this post as we run across other deals.

8 comments on “Black Friday deals on LEGO for 2009 [News]

  1. David4

    LEGO S@H is the biggest joke of a “sale” I have ever seen. The company brags about going “Back to basics” and what do they have sale? A bunch of useless crap with the LEGO name stuck on it. They didn’t add a single System set!

  2. Andrew Post author

    Yeah, it’s not a great deal, but it’s still fairly unprecedented for LEGO to have what’s essentially a 10% off everything sale… :-\

  3. Ryan H.

    I decided to be one of the crazies this year, lining up at Old Navy for two hours. I did get the game, though; it’s no demo, as some seem to think.

  4. David4

    DI wish I went to Old Navy. I’m dating someone and him and his roommate have a Wii, I’d give it to them.

  5. Creative Anarchy

    I did Target for Black Friday and picked up a pair of the big Crystal Skull sets for Indy. I guess there was no limit according to the signage and it’s a lot of bricks for $50. I just couldn’t figure out what I’d do with more than two of them otherwise I would have stuffed the cart. It would have sort of made up for me getting screwed by Wallmart for legos last year.
    On the topic of Wallmart being a disappointment I stopped in this morning to have a look at their “continued values through the Christmas shopping season”. I noticed they had a few of the moderately large lego sets on sale for MSRP, which I think is actually an increase from what they were selling for in October! Really be hesitant about deals this year, check prices, lots of slimy marketting going on.
    Toys R Us was kind of a joke regionally. They had the big midnight openning for Black friday and got a 5 hour jump on the big box stores but it looked like all of the stuff they were selling was out of their clearance bins. No deals on Lego, nothing that really looked like a going concern toy-wise. lots of action figures that didn’t sell from Summer Movies, Nerf and hotwheels knock-off toys. I don’t think it’s a statement of Lego’s value as much as how bad of a position ToysRUs is in to be giving out deals this Christmas.
    If you find a good deal out there let me know, I’ve still got AFOLs on the Christmas list.

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