Felix finds Atlantis

Felix Greco (gipmetro) is excited about the upcoming release of the LEGO Atlantis sets, as am I. As sets trickle into stores, Felix may be the first to build a creation of his own design — this lovely submersible:

LEGO Atlantis submarine

The submersible is accompanied in its undersea endeavors by a certain Artimus Rhodes:

LEGO Atlantis diver

4 comments on “Felix finds Atlantis

  1. IanxIntrospect

    Sadly, the the submersibles in the theme are modern/futuristic, and not steampunk. But the creatures have a sort of aztec-punk quality to them…
    I bought the 15 dollar set with a shark, one of three that I saw at toys’r’us, the others were a much smaller set, maybe like 5 dollars, that came with a small lobster or crab thing and a diver and I believe a small vehicle, and a larger set that had a red submarine thing with dual turbines that looked sort of like a vic viper, and came with a atlantean with a shark head like the one from the harry potter set…

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I really wish the Atlantis theme was this cool. Mind you the actual theme vehicles and sets are well-built models but the style of them is just kind of bleh. The next generation of the last aquaraiders iteration. Now that I’ve whined about them of course I’m buying them. C’mon minifig with shark head. Seriously who’s passing that up??

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