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Venice and not a trolley case in sight – Barthezz Brick’s 250,000 brick LEGO tribute to Assassin’s Creed

Sometimes you stumble across a LEGO fan creation that you’d just love to see in the brick. This creation by Barthezz Brick is a good example of that. Each and every building in this creation could be featured on TBB. We generally wait until a builder has finished their work in progress before highlighting the finished build, but at some point I couldn’t control myself and wrote an article about a couple of detail shots that Barthezz posted. But finally, it’s done!

Assassin's Creed: Venice 1486 - Chapter 1 - Osservare - Main

See lots more details from this amazing LEGO recreation of Venice

Barrels for rooftops

We love it when a LEGO building looks a little but quirky. This creation by Andrew Tate features a cooperage. Funny thing about this building is that it looks similar to the products that are made there. The round roof was realised by laying tan garage doors over a half round frame creating round roofs. The roof makes the building look like it is actually covered with two half barrels. Talk about a great marketing strategy! They’ve got everything you might need: barrels, tuns, tubs and more.

The Cooperage on the Quay

Find safe harbour in Markus Rollbühler’s microscale port

This microscale city-port built by Markus Rollbühler packs detail into every stud of its tiny 12×12 base.  Everywhere you look something grabs your attention: ships built from epaulettes, with sails formed from the new triangle tiles found in the Speed Champion sets; printed Minecraft plates make excellent wharf buildings; and, my personal favourite, party hat spires adorn the town’s numerous towers.  Of course Markus doesn’t stop there — keep searching and you’ll find treasure hidden in the dock’s cellars.

Of Sails and Spires – Summer Joust Prize, Vignette Category

Let’s go fly a kite!

This delightful harbour scene by Simply Bricking It is the perfect antidote to some of the more ghoulish and macabre Halloween builds we’ve been showcasing.

Working Harbour

There are awesome little details  in this scene with the buoy, the railing around the base of the lighthouse and the harbour paraphernalia.  I particularly love the textured walls of the lighthouse itself and the curved harbour wall.

Of course, leaving the best until last, we have the kite which brings the scene to life. It’s worth taking a closer look at this build to see the details…