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Clever parts use that will blow you away

The on-going BioCup has seen pieces from the now-defunct Bionicle theme used in ever-more interesting ways. NateMakesMOCs has raised the bar with his latest effort in this amusingly cartoonish scene. Thinking outside the box, Nate has used a ball joint arm – or, more precisely, several of them – to create the mean-looking tornado that is the central villain of this piece. It’s an inspired choice: the analog nature of ball joints allows for a more chaotic look, which is perfect for this overgrown dust-devil. The slightly caricatured facial features are a perfect complement. The subject of this tornado’s ire? Well, it seems to be the farm below that is about to get swept up in its path. This is actually quite minimalist in style, with only a barn and some hay bales to suggest a setting for the build. Nevertheless, they both do a perfect job, and the technic gear hay bales in particular are another great use of parts!

Hungering Storm

Returning home just in time for the harvest

Forced perspective is always a way to get your LEGO creation to look amazing! Haven’t got the bricks to build a really big mountain for the background that you place at an appropriate distance? Just build a really small one! Caleb Saw did just this and it turned out amazing.

Returning Home

I always like it when a LEGO builder manages to capture movement in their creations. It makes the build less static and, if done right, makes the creation come to life. Caleb however did the complete opposite. He captured a moment in which everything stood still. The moment after the woman dropped her bucket after seeing her lover come home unexpectedly. At first I thought Caleb used Fleur’s head for the surprised face, but it turns out to be Luna’s. Which is a bit softer and quite demure which is perfectly for this scene. You can just sense that time stopped for a brief second. Both characters make eye contact and run towards each other. Caleb did this so well that I didn’t even notice the third person tending the crops.