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Don’t fall asleep looking at this build – you’ll feel rather sheepish

Character master Oliver Becker has crafted this charming scene of a shepherd and his flock (of, er, one sheep). Now this might sound odd, but I’m actually glad there’s only one sheep here. Not because I’m ovinophobic, but because if I started counting sheep, I’d surely fall asleep and miss the rest of this great build! The sheep is very good, chewing away on the grass, with its spindly legs. (Well it’s chewing with its mouth, but you know what I mean.) And any build that uses X-pod covers is a good one in my book. But the shepherd is where the whimsy really comes into this scene. He’s a great caricature, using inverted arch pieces twice – in his boots and for his face. He’s quite rotund though. Maybe that’s where the rest of his flock went…

Couting The Sheep

Birch tree shepherd meeting

Birch trees continue to be a great source of inspiration for LEGO fans. This creation by gGh0st features a beautiful birch tree surrounded by some well put together LEGO minifigures. The birch tree features large patches of black due to the technic connector attaching all the dinosaur tails to each other. Brooms hide between all the tail parts, adding texture to the tree trunk. The use of the coral, as seen in the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh set, is quite clever as it is a nice way to attach a lot of different LEGO leaves in different directions. This sure looks like a friendly gathering that I wouldn’t mind attending.

Generations of Shepherds