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LEGO Creator Summer 2019 wave features a new fairground ride, townhouse, helicopter and more [News]

LEGO’s Summer 2019 wave of sets is slowly taking shape with new Ninjago sets and the City theme going to space. In addition, we are also getting our first look at the LEGO Creator sets on their way. This wave features a new fairground ride, townhouse and pet shop building, a helicopter and a cabin.

The sets were revealed by Belgian retailer Toy Champ, and though we do not know their release date, we can provide approximate prices by converting from Euro to USD.

Click to check out images of the four new LEGO Creator sets

LEGO City is going to outer space with 6 new sets for summer 2019 [News]

Today the new Toy Story 4, Spider-Man, and The LEGO Movie 2 sets go on sale, and we’re also getting our first official glimpse at LEGO’s new City sets for this summer, and they’re far out. The new line will see LEGO astronauts exploring space with near-future tech. Although the line isn’t branded by NASA as some previous sets have been, most famously the NASA Apollo Saturn V, they do include a lot things that are distinctly inspired by the space agency’s real plans. The line includes a Mars rover, a small space station, a futuristic space shuttle, and even a large rocket that bears a resemblance to NASA’s SLS rocket. And perhaps most interestingly, there’s also a new people pack that’s themed to the line, with loads of engineers, scientists, astronauts, and other support crew.

The sets were revealed by Dutch retailer KelCha Toys, and while we don’t have an exact release date for them yet, we are able to give approximate prices thanks to the listed Euro prices from the retailer.

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Your guide to the 21 new LEGO sets for mid-April 2019 including LEGO Movie 2, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man and Powered Up components [News]

LEGO typically releases new sets at the beginning of the month, but they have uploaded a mid-April wave of sets from The LEGO Movie 2, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Toy Story 4 as well as new Powered Up components. Of note, The Rexcelsior is the largest set released this month, the Spider-Man sets qualify for the current Avengers Tower gift with purchase, and Powered Up components are now available.

This wave is certainly a bit bigger than the 17 sets that came earlier this month but still short of the 112 new sets from this January. But no fear, we have your guide right here to each and every new set.
See all of the Mid-April 2019 wave of LEGO sets available now

LEGO Löwenstein Castle set from BrickLink’s AFOL Designer Program [Review]

If you’re a dedicated LEGO fan, there’s a good chance you already use to buy LEGO sets and individual elements. Now the 19-year-old marketplace has a new way of capturing the hearts and wallets of AFOLs (aka Adult Fans of LEGO). Announced last year, it’s called the BrickLink AFOL Designer Program, or ADP. With it, BrickLink is bringing a handful of fan-designed kits to market via a crowd-sourcing initiative. In many ways ADP resembles The LEGO Company’s own Ideas platform, but besides boasting larger payouts to designers, ADP also promises that the final sets will be virtually unaltered from the submitted designs. After a review period, 16 designs were first made available for a pre-ordering process with a minimum threshold of pre-orders before BrickLink would actually publish the kit. It’s a similar process to the way Kickstarter projects require a funding goal to be met. 13 of the designs met that goal and the largest model, Löwenstein Castle by builder Raziel Regulus, skyrocketed in popularity resulting in all 2,500 copies completely selling out during the pre-order phase. BrickLink has provided us an early review copy of the set, so let’s see how this fan-built model stacks up. Löwenstein Castle has 2,015 pieces and a $199.99 USD sticker price, though it is now sold out.

While the BrickLink ADP sets are not official LEGO sets and will not bear the LEGO logo, the sets do have The LEGO Company’s blessing. The AFOL Designer Program was initiated in affiliation with LEGO to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick, and each box will feature the official 60th-anniversary logo. The LEGO Company has also worked with BrickLink to provide elements explicitly for the sets. This is unlike any other aftermarket sets, which have always relied on pieces sourced out of regular LEGO sets (and consequently, those sets have a much higher price).

Click to read the full hands-on review

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for April 21, 2019 [News]

In addition to the amazing LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the third week of April 2019.

Do you have any 2×4 bricks in non-standard colors with unusual letters on their studs? If you do, you might have a treasure on your hand. Read our feature to find out more.

LEGO NEWS & REVIEWS: LEGO announced several new summer waves of sets from Ninjago and Spider-Man, hitting store shelves soon.

Flower Power: Lego Bayer old logo: 2 shades of champagne, CA

OTHER TBB NEWS: These might be the most beautiful pictures of 2×4 bricks ever. Take a deep dive into their history and how they led to the bricks produced today.


LEGO 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower [Review]

We recently announced the Marvel Avengers Tower promotion that’s available as a free gift with purchase with a spend of $75 US | £75 UK | $75 CA that will be available for the next two weeks until May 2nd or whenever supplies run out. Let’s take a quick look at whats this 211-piece 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower set holds for Iron Man fans.

Read our hands-on review of 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower

LEGO Ninjago summer 2019 wave revealed with 12 sets [News]

Today, Swiss retailer meinSpielzeug have revealed the summer wave of Ninjago sets, which consists of eight standard sets plus four Spinjitzu Slammers. It’s a song of ice and dust, as the new sets feature two dominant locales of an icy mountain and a dusty desert. The Serpentines are back again as the primary opponents, with a few even sporting fearsome new headpieces. Meanwhile, the Ninjas’ legendary ship, Destiny’s Bounty, has received quite the makeover. No longer a vessel, this time it’s got six monster wheels and the top deck can convert to a flying ship.

According to meinSpielzeug, the sets will launch May 28. We don’t have standard pricing for them yet, but we can make a rough guess on their price points based on the Swiss prices from the retailer.

Click to check out all the sets below

LEGO Marvel Avengers Tower now available for free with purchase [News]

With the mega-blockbuster movie Avengers: Endgame on the horizon, LEGO is celebrating by offering a fairly substantial gift with purchase: 40334 Avengers Tower. The set comes with 211 pieces and an exclusive Iron Man minifigure (a similar set would typically retail for around $20 US). The promotion is available with purchases of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets totaling more than than $75 US | £75 UK | $75 CA for the next two weeks from now until 11:59 pm EST on May 2nd, or whenever supplies run out. (As an added benefit, many Avengers sets currently offer double VIP points too.)

The offer stacks with the Easter seasonal gift with purchase, 853958 Chicken Skater Pod, available with any order of more than $35 US through 11:59 pm EST on April 22nd or until supplies run out.

Additionally, VIP members can get a limited Captain Marvel Art Print (one of three prints available) with LEGO Marvel Super Heroes purchases more than $35. This should stack with the Avengers Tower promotional set.

Click to see more pictures of the LEGO Avengers Tower gift with purchase

LEGO Education releases two new construction-themed sets for FIRST LEGO League [News]

LEGO has announced two new sets built for STEAM Learning. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, and is an academic approach for getting kids enthusiastically involved in education. The LEGO system will include SPIKE Prime, which is the new hands-on learning kits and a new Inspire set released by LEGO Education, along with two additional sets, Boomtown Build and City Shaper.

The Inspire sets are both architecture-themed (though they have no relation to the popular Architecture LEGO theme), and they will be available for the 2019-2020 FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League Jr. seasons. Continue reading

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Far From Home sets revealed [News]

LEGO has officially revealed three new sets from the upcoming Spiderman-Man: Far from Home, which will hit the big screens in July. They bring several new additions to the LEGO Marvel universe, including a some that have been a very long time coming, such as Happy Hogan, who’s finally getting a minifigure 11 years after first appearing in Iron Man. The exact date that these sets will come to shelves is not certain yet, but you can bet they’ll be on shelves by the time the movie debuts; after all, the LEGO sets for Avengers: Endgame are already available now. Check out all the details below.

Edit: The Spider-Man: far From Home sets are now available from LEGO.

Click to see the full details of the sets

EnBlock 2019: Visit Singapore’s first ever LEGO convention this weekend from April 19-21 [News]

For the first time ever, Singapore will be having her first LEGO convention, showcasing never-before-seen creations and models built from LEGO bricks by 80 builders from across 4 countries in the region.

See more about EnBlock 2019

TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for April 14, 2019 [News]

In addition to the amazing LEGO models created by builders all over the world, The Brothers Brick brings you the best of LEGO news and reviews. This is our weekly Brick Report for the second week of April 2019.

LEGO broke the Guinness World Record with the largest Stormtrooper minifigure army ever assembled. How many did it take? Read on to find out.

LEGO STAR WARS NEWS & REVIEWS: The Brothers Brick celebrated the 20th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars with tons of feature content, reviews and news from a galaxy far, far away.

OTHER TBB NEWS: Along with Star Wars, three more new LEGO sets were announced with some new cool wall hangers and custom fan-designed sets.

OTHER NEWS: There were quite a few other interesting LEGO news articles from around the web this week. Here are the best of the rest:
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