The MK II Cylon Raider makes a swooshable comeback

Rubblemaker (@rubblemaker_lego)reminds us that what was once as ubiquitous as used Toyotas is now a rare and refreshing sighting.

LEGO ASREV from Firefly is gloriously swooshable

The space marshals are in hot pursuit in Stefan Johansson’s LEGO ASREV

Swooshable starfighter orbits the moon

Pico van Grootveld‘s latest spaceship is a smart little model. The building techniques and bricks usage are on point — wheel hubs and dishes creating a selection of smooth curves. The stark color scheme works well, particularly against that lunar backdrop, and the presentation is simply perfect. Too often LEGO space builders can overdo the Continue reading →

Empire of swoosh: a chat with Linus Bohman, creator of [Interview]

Talented builder and former TBB contributor Linus Bohman recently unveiled LEGO Building School (LBS), a new application for his LEGO-related app project, Swooshable. It warrants something more than a simple referral, so, in true TBB fashion, I used an Imperial interrogation droid on him. TBB: You went through a bit of mini-dark age recently. Why Continue reading →

Tiny and swooshable ships by legosamurai

Flickrite legosamurai presents two lovely microscale space ships. Freighter One: Fleet Guard Cutter:

Surprisingly Swooshable!

Okay, this Pre-Classic Space rocket, dubbed Pathfinder 2, by Paul Hanson isn’t half bad: But I’m mainly blogging this for the following picture: Awesome. Add to | Digg It | Furl It Technorati tags: LEGO Space Pre-Classic Space Rocket Pathfinder 2 Paul Hanson Brickshelf

Mr Bean races to the finish on the roof of his classic Mini Cooper

Ryan McNaught has built this classic scene from the Mr. Bean TV series, where the clumsy character decides to drive his car from the roof.

And everything under the sun is in tune

A perfect harmony of an alien landscape and colourful planetary rings beyond, masterfully crafted by Tom Loftus (@Inthert) in a stunning immersive space scene

LEGO 40523 Easter Rabbits Display – Bunnies! Buuunnniies! Bun Alert! [Review]

A pair of adorable bunnies steal the show in this delightful Easter LEGO set. Check out our full review of LEGO 40523 Easter Rabbits Display for all the details!

This minifigure-scale First Order AT-M6 is a LEGO Star Wars beast that weighs in at more than 30 pounds

Rebel Builder (@rebel_builder) has designed a 33.5-inch tall, 30+-pound rendition of the AT-M6 from THE LAST JEDI.

LEGO BrickHeadz 40552 Buzz Lightyear & 40553 Woody and Bo Peep [Review]

Read our review of these Toy Story BrickHeadz to find out if these sets will take you to infinity and beyond, or if you’d be better off with a snake in your boot.

Automotive versus Arachnid

Modern magic meets mythical monster, who will come out on top? Well, we all know the Ford Anglia won this fight, thankfully. Builder Stefan Johansson (@stej123) reminds us why Harry and Ron owe that car so much.