Every piece is useful in chess and in LEGO

Play a great game of LEGO chess on an equally impressive board, built by Chris Maddison.

Steampunk LEGO chess set makes all the right moves

Play to win on Mishima’s deliciously clanky Steampunk LEGO Chess Set

It takes only 6,500 pieces to build a perfect LEGO empire chess set

There are dozens of ways one can decorate their home with LEGO, either mounting Star Wars battleships on the walls, placing LEGO sculptures all over the place or even hanging huge LEGO mosaics in a guest room. Still, there is nothing quite like a brilliant grandmaster chess set built completely with LEGO pieces to be Continue reading →

Batman versus Superman in a friendly game of Chess

Who will win is anyone’s guess as these delightful poseable figures go brick head to brick head. Featuring fantastic custom LEGO minifig capes, these custom BrickHeadz designed by Kale Frost are simply brilliant! The scene pits two of DC’s most popular superheroes against each other in a friendly game, as these characters battle it out across the table. Judging by the pieces left on Continue reading →

LEGO Viking chess board

We’ve seen a ton of brick-built board games over the years, including an earlier LEGO Hnefatafl board, but we are nowhere near getting tired of these LEGO-fied games. At first glance, Simon Pickard‘s version of Viking chess doesn’t even look like it is made out of LEGO. The pieces are stylish and practical-looking and the Continue reading →

LEGO Dr Who chess set has all the moves

Adam Dodge has built a fantastic miniland-scale Dr Who chess set. The figures and characters he’s created for it are fabulous – various Doctors and companions facing off against a collection of classic enemies and villains. We have multiple Doctors and the obligatory TARDIS… And then there are the enemies. I love how Adam has Continue reading →

There are many LEGO chess sets, and here’s another excellent one

At this point, chess sets made of LEGO are old hat. Heck, there’s many official sets too, so it’s not limited to custom models. But there’s something elegant in this version by Bartosz Sasiński. Not only are the designs of each piece worth taking a look at, but the white faction pulls off a faux wood effects by incorporating brown Continue reading →

LEGO chess set honors The Brothers Brick’s 9th Anniversary

Magma Guy has posted a really lovely chess set in honor of our 9th birthday! Built in Brothers Brick colors, the set really pops. I am a big fan of brick-built chess sets and the quality of this one is top-shelf. I especially like how the designs of the two sides are quite different but Continue reading →

LEGO Lord of the Rings out + free Hulk minifig & new Kingdoms chess set [News]

The third-quarter LEGO sets are now officially out, led by both the new LEGO Lord of the Rings and Marvel Super Heroes sets. If you buy $50 from the LEGO Shop between now and the end of the month, you’ll get an exclusive Hulk minifig that’s not available in any set, for free. And you’ll Continue reading →

LEGO Micro-Chess

I’m a sucker for LEGO chess sets. I’ve built several myself and once you get going, it is hard to stop. This miniature set, by Matt Armstrong has a deceptively simple quality to it. The pieces are all made from the micro trophy figure, from the Collectible Minifigure series, and at first glace are nearly Continue reading →

The Empire Strikes Back Lego chess set

As follow up to his A New Hope chess set, Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) presents another beautiful set that captures the key characters from The Empire Strikes Back. I really like the Hoth themed game board, and the fact that it also acts as storage for the pieces is another plus. Check out the full details Continue reading →

Massive chess set is playing for keeps

For our Throw Back Thursday feature – it’s all about Going big or going home. That’s exactly what Team Hassenplug probably had in mind when they started this humongous task of creating this Intelligent Monster Chess Set #TBT