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A stark LEGO temple makes the most of a minimalist color palette

Sometimes having a design constraint leads to surprising results, like in this LEGO temple built using only 3 colors by Rilbist. Building the rocky landscape and the temple proper using the same color gives the impression that the temple is carved directly into the rocks. A few sand green elements add a bit of visual interest while the use of orange for the third color really draws the eye to certain details. One more great parts usage is the angled sections at the front, which use a gray rail brick on either side of the orange stripe to trap tiles in place.

Lego Moc - 3 Colours Temple

A (chess) piece of LEGO history

It’s been 50 years since this LEGO chess battle began. And now, with the board overgrown and partially flooded, builder Rilbist shows us the resulting armistice in the great battle between the two sides of the checker-print board. I think this is a wonderful concept, especially given the limitation of only using part colors that were available half a century ago. Each of the pieces is instantly recognizable, and ornate without being distracting from the real star of the show: the state of the playing field. The weathering is divine, and I particularly like the pool of water in the center that flows out of the board, connecting this deadlocked game with the outer world.