10243 Parisian Restaurant unveiled by Jamie Berard at BrickCon [News]

This evening at BrickCon in Seattle, LEGO Designer Jamie Berard unveiled the latest set in the modular building series, 10243 Parisian Restaurant. The set includes 2,469 pieces — with lots of the new olive green everyone is obsessed with — and will be released in January 2014. See more photos in The Brothers Brick photostream Continue reading →

Jamie Berard unveils 10194 Emerald Night, plus new LEGO Trains details [News]

The forthcoming LEGO Trains set 10194 Emerald Night got an early announcement last month, but the original plan was to announce it at BrickFest 2009 (happening right now in Portland, Oregon). AFOL-turned-Designer Jamie Berard takes his turn in front of the camera to officially unveil 10194 Emerald Night to LEGO fandom: Jamie is of course Continue reading →

A roving defender of the land

Conquer any obstacle with this classic Land Rover Defender, built by Manuel Nascimento.

The amethyst bonsai

Duncan Lindbo answers the question of what would happen if you crushed some amethyst and planted it.

This is why Roswell can’t have nice things

Lokiloki29 builds a micro-scale scene depicting a close encounter of the beef tenderizing kind.

The 6 new LEGO Hidden Side sets for 2020 include a haunted lighthouse and fairgrounds [News]

Get your first look at 6 brand new sets for LEGO’s Hidden Side theme, including a haunted Lighthouse of Darkness, spooky fairgrounds, and more!

These LEGO test bricks are fantastically photogenic [Feature]

Collector Beryll Roehl is back again with welcome additions to her series of artfully photographed LEGO test bricks.

It’s a swamp out there

Peter Carmichael is hitting a double-header with this excellent pair of old and new Land Rover Defenders

There’s something fishy going on here.

There’s a lot of beauty under the sea. There’s also a lot of creepy looking fish. Builder jarekwally brings us a bit of both in this lovely underwater view.

North Pole or bust!

Ho Ho Ho! Get ready for Christmas with Kale Frost’s delightful Santa head.

The Gates Await

JS_Ninjnerd grants us a stunning view of his LEGO creation, “The Gates of Corvale.”

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian [No-Spoiler Review]

The much-anticipated Disney+ show The Mandalorian is finally out, and we’re reviewing the LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider. Is it more than a recolored chicken walker from Rogue One?