LEGO Designers Q&A featuring Marcos Bessa and Jamie Berard [Feature]

LEGO Designers Marcos Bessa and Jamie Berard had a fun time on a Live Instagram session with fans. We share the conversation they had with each other and also questions posed by the viewers.

Behind-the-scenes of LEGO Masters with Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard [Feature]

We asked LEGO Masters judges Amy and Jamie your questions about how difficult it is to create and judge challenges, if they agree all the time, how they became LEGO designers, and how they are adjusting to working from home.

Everything you want to know about LEGO Masters judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard [Feature]

LEGO Masters premieres tonight, and we have all the behind-the-scenes info about the show from the judges. Will you be watching?

Judging LEGO Masters: Exclusive interview with LEGO designers Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett [News]

The Brothers Brick visited the LEGO Masters set and spoke with Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett about making the leap from LEGO designers to reality TV judges.

10243 Parisian Restaurant unveiled by Jamie Berard at BrickCon [News]

This evening at BrickCon in Seattle, LEGO Designer Jamie Berard unveiled the latest set in the modular building series, 10243 Parisian Restaurant. The set includes 2,469 pieces — with lots of the new olive green everyone is obsessed with — and will be released in January 2014. See more photos in The Brothers Brick photostream Continue reading →

Jamie Berard unveils 10194 Emerald Night, plus new LEGO Trains details [News]

The forthcoming LEGO Trains set 10194 Emerald Night got an early announcement last month, but the original plan was to announce it at BrickFest 2009 (happening right now in Portland, Oregon). AFOL-turned-Designer Jamie Berard takes his turn in front of the camera to officially unveil 10194 Emerald Night to LEGO fandom: Jamie is of course Continue reading →

LEGO Ideas 21332 The Globe: Cartography done right [Review]

LEGO returns to the world of cartography with LEGO Ideas 21332 – The Globe. This set will be available February 1st, but The Brothers Brick has an early hands on review for you!

Embark to Episolon IV

The planet may be full of fractured fissures but the biodome habitats stand out like emeralds on the approach. Tap into our local channel to get all the latest details about this base designed by Andreas Lenander (@drdoddo).

A “painted” tiger that prowls right off the canvas

Forget ink – this exquisite LEGO tiger by Dad’s Bricks takes “sketching” to a whole new dimension!

Pushing the envelope with the YF-22

In the early nineties, the YF-22 pushed the envelope of what was possible for a jet fighter. And building one out of LEGO forced TBB’s own Ralph Savelsberg to push his limits as a builder too.

I’d respect Batman more if he drove a car like this

Nico71 (@nico71_technic_creations) takes the stock 42127 Batmobile, chops it, channels it, and converts it into an awesome T-Bucket alternate model. T-BatBucket? Whatever you call it, it’s super cool.

Building Big, Building Bold – An interview with Jonathan Farrell [Feature]

We had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) with Jonathan Farrell (@farrell_lego) and talk about his methods, his favorite builds, and just what happens to a mosaic that fills a room once you’ve photographed it! Check out the full interview at The Brothers Brick