A couple of Vic Vipers

My photostream is currently flooded with Vic Vipers so I felt impelled to post two that really jumped out at me. Christoph Monnaie’s (stenrtje) is loaded up with all sorts of awesome detail and greebly goodness. Rodney Bistline’s (Buster®) contribution literally leaps out of the screen in this lovely homage to vintage space box art.

Novvember 2012 is upon us – prepare for Vic Vipers!

Just a quick reminder that NoVVember 2012 is now upon is. Help celebrate the late nnenn’s love of the Gradius Vic Viper by building your own (or more!). Post your entries here and Pascal (pasukaru76) will perform his magic at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for further updates once the East Continue reading →

Time to bring on the Vic Vipers

It’s NoVVember again. This one is from its host Peter Morris and Rich M (Zaximillian). I’m not sure if it’s the lines, the colours or a combination of the two but it’s got such an aggressive macho look. EDIT: Added Rich M’s name. Missed that it was a collaboration.

Vic Vipers

Many people have posted Vic Viper models recently. Most are meant for the fly-ins scheduled in tribute to the fallen builder Nnenn. Here’s one of my favorites, along with a reminder to look for the fly-in at whatever Lego fan convention you may be attending this year. It’s a build by “The One And Only Continue reading →

Vic Vipers Everywhere!

The good folks in the LEGO Starfighters group on Flickr have started a new Novvember. That means that many people are building Vic Vipers, inspired by the game Gradius, all month long. I’m digging the one below by legodrome, and I’m sure there will be many more nice fighters to come. I feel that the Continue reading →

A swarm of Vic Vipers

A result of Novvember, here are almost all of the Vic Vipers built by Nnenn and the participants. You can see them all on Flickr’s Vic Vipers pool!

Preserving analog recording devices in plastic

The 3.5″ diskette, VHS and audio cassette tapes have been immortalized in LEGO form by Chungpo Cheng.

An immersive garage to get your landspeeder serviced

Have you been driving your LEGO landspeeder around for 20 years now, and need to get it serviced? Here’s the garage for you.

All aboard the Victorian Railways from Melbourne to Sydney

Australian LEGO train builder Alexander takes us back to the 1920’s and 30’s with two wonderful steam locomotives.

A full service station for all your LEGO automotive needs

You won’t get ripped off stopping at Chris Rozek’s car garage

Hell yes: the fearsome Lucifer-class Vic Viper drone

UK-based Marcin Grabowski unleashes his Lucifer-class Vic Viper drone fighter on an unsuspecting populace.

Come see this Victorian city block, love

Łukasz Libuszewski astounds again with a marvelous minifigure street scene straight out of the Victorian age!