These were 2019’s Top 10 most popular LEGO creations featured on TBB [News]

As we welcome the new year, let’s take a quick look back at the highlights of 2019. We dove through our archives and compiled this list of the LEGO models that were most popular with you, our readers, throughout the year. These MOCs, as LEGO builders call them, are sure to wow, just as they’ve captured the imaginations of thousands of LEGO fans around the world already.

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We’ll start at number 10 and work our way up to the year’s most popular custom LEGO creation.

#10 | Star Trek Deep Space Nine by Adrian Drake

This mind-boggling large model of Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine space station is one of the most impressive pieces of engineering we’ve ever seen. With over 75,000 pieces and spanning eight feet in diameter, this is truly a sight to behold.


#9 | How To Train Your Dragon’s Toothless Instructions by Build Better Bricks

Flipping to the other end of the scale, this roughly minifigure-scale version of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon is adorable with its perky ears and big eyes. But what you liked best of all is that you can build your own with the provided instructions, using fairly common elements.


#8 | Star Wars Millennium Falcon by GolPlaysWithLego

It’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot of LEGO Millennium Falcon models over the years, and that’s without even counting the dozens of official LEGO sets. But this one blew us all away with its strikingly smooth lines, accurate shaping, and fine details.

Midscale Millennium Falcon LEGO MOC

#7 | Hogwarts Magical Staircase from Harry Potter by Jonas Kramm

It wasn’t just the plethora of detailed paintings and intricate frames that captured your eyes on this incredible Hogwarts diorama, but rather Jonas’ addition of movement that recreates the magical effects of the maze-like staircase. You’re definitely going to want to click through on this one to check it all out.

Hogwarts Magical Staircase

#6 | Star Wars Animated Death Star II Trench Run by Anthony Ducre

Much like #7, it’s not just the incredible details that kept you looking at this model, but the addition of movement. An X-wing runs a loop around the trench, chased by a mocked-up TIE fighter cockpit that doubles as a smartphone mount, allowing anyone visiting the model at a show to record their own video of the scene from the perspective of a TIE pilot. Click through to see the video.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star diorama by Anthony Ducre on YouTube

#5 | Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Aggressor by Rubblemaker

The Empire is ready to strike back with the #5 most-popular model, this gigantic Imperial Star Destroyer. Unlike the official LEGO models, it’s completely tiled, giving it a slick, dangerous look just like the on-screen versions. It also features a minifigure-scale bridge inside.

ISD Aggressor with top hull mod13

#4 | Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise by Kevin J. Walter

For #4 we’re returning to Star Trek with this impressive model of the Enterprise. The ship’s round dome is particularly impressive, and the whole model fits together so nicely it’s no wonder that you liked it so much. LEGO, we hope you’re noticing the popularity of these Star Trek models…

NCC-1701-A - U.S.S. Enterprise [Refit]

#3 | Microville Microscale City by Christophe Pujaletplaa

Just like a real city, Microville is always expanding, and so we featured it twice in 2019, once way back in January and then again just a few days ago. In between, Christophe added an entire waterfront, including a port and beach, growing the city to a whopping 11 meters squared. If he keeps adding at this rate, we might just see Microville on our list again next year.

Microville 2020 - vue d'ensemble

#2 | Star Wars Millennium Falcon by  Hannes Tscharner

Star Wars is a popular subject with our readers as we add the fourth entry from the franchise to our list, but it’s no wonder when fans are building models as incredible as this UCS Millennium Falcon. With a boatload more details than the official models and even a slightly larger size, this model looks good enough to stand in for a miniature shot in the movies.

Millennium Falcon ROTJ (Mark II)

#1 Harry Potter Microscale Hogwarts by Mathieu BL

Finally, we’ve reached the most popular LEGO creation of 2019. Using more than 75,000 pieces, this exquisite model has so much to take in that we could stare at it for hours. Like the #2 model, this model looks good enough to put on film. Be sure to check out the original article on it, so you don’t miss the quidditch pitch and other details.

Lego Hogwarts Castle

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