This isn’t the Star Destroyer you’re looking for

With the announcement of the new UCS Star Destroyer, Star Wars fans across the internet are both raving and complaining about the updated design of the Empire’s most feared warship. You won’t find any disappointments with Rubblemaker‘s ISD Aggressor, however.┬áThe original design of this build comes from Raskolnikov, who is well known for his highly detailed Star Destroyer creations. Rubblemaker smoothed out the hull plating and added more movie-accurate details.

ISD Aggressor with top hull mod13

Like some previous LEGO Imperial Star Destroyers, the ship features an interior segment of the bridge in minifigure scale, along with a few other interior details.

ISD Aggressor Mid BridgeThe most significant aspect of this design is the structural integrity of the Star Destroyer. Look at the cross beams! Such overlap helps hold up the heavy model, allowing for a fun and realistic interior.

ISD Aggressor Tie deployed

While the new official UCS Star Destroyer is appreciated, fans will have to continue to wait for a LEGO Star Destroyer set as mesmerizing as Raskolnikov’s.