This epic recreation of Deep Space Nine is so huge, I can practically fit inside!

Ok, so not quite, but it is approximately eight feet in diameter, and I am only a little over six feet tall, so it is bigger than I am. And if I curled up around the central core between the docking pylons, I could probably fit. Thus, the title is not entirely hyperbolic. But I could wax hyperbolic about the eponymous space station from the Star Trek series Deep Space Nine, built by Adrian Drake from over 75,000 pieces, including an absurd amount of dark bluish grey. It took over two years to build, and I can see why.


How this thing can support its own weight is itself an impressive feat of LEGO engineering. On top of that, lights were added to bring a certain amount of pizzazz to the presentation. The real thing (or “real” thing, since it is a fictional space station set in a sci-fi TV series) is over a kilometer in diameter and home to about 300 permanent residents. Deep Space Nine served as an outpost from which Starfleet could explore the Gamma Quadrant via a wormhole. From what I gather, it was in operation during approximately the same time as the events of The Next Generation and Voyager. Now, I have never seen the show (I preferred Star Wars to Star Trek as a kid, when it felt like you had to choose between them) so I don’t know any details that I couldn’t get from Wikipedia, but it looks awesome even without any context.

I love the pearl gold greebles in the docking pylons, as they offer a nice contrast with the dark grey. They are also a pleasant departure from the typical light grey greebles one sees on many spaceship builds. Among the myriad of parts used include the lasso of truth, a chicken, katanas, faucets and flags.


The structure is so large that the curves are created by the natural space in between 1×2 pieces when slightly strained, giving much of it a smooth finish. Other areas are finished with studs, which is less sleek but perhaps more accurate.


As for the rest, it is so large and impressive that I am at a loss for words. I’ll leave you with this final convention image, just to put it in proper scale, unlike the edited picture above.

Ds9 is done!