How to Build your Dragon: Make your own LEGO Toothless [Instructions]

We’ve come to enjoy the many LEGO creations from Build Better Bricks not just for their quality and variety, but because they often provide inexpensive building instructions. Their latest is the titular dragon Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series, which just released its third movie recently. I love the dragon’s eyes, and Toothless’ low profile is captured perfectly, along with key details like his makeshift tail fin.


You can check out the instructions for Toothless on B3’s website.

4 comments on “How to Build your Dragon: Make your own LEGO Toothless [Instructions]

  1. Gomek

    I think you guys should differentiate between free instructions and pay instructions. I’m not trying to infer that all instructions should be free, as I know that’s a ton of work. I love custom instructions though and it would save me the disappointment to know they were pay upfront.

  2. Taylor Connell

    Beautiful design, though I have to suggest that the Brickheadz eyes be swapped out with the ones from the Microfighters Dewback. Much more accurate, IMO.

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