LEGO Merchandise revealed at Toy Fair New York 2018 [News]

LEGO is introducing a number of new merchandise items, from backpacks and patches to flashlights and display cases, and some of them are pretty awesome. We got a hands-on look at a few of the new items at Toy Fair New York today.

These large Brick costumes mimic those worn by characters in Series 18 of the Collectible Minifigures. 

Jurassic World will have a small assortment of branded LEGO-themed merchandise as well, including cool shirts like this one.

The LEGO Batman Movie is continuing to generate merchandise with a selection of Batman-themed items.Of particular interest is this Lighted Minifigure Key Fob. Although it’s intended for use on backpacks and places you’d want to hang tchotchkes, it brings a cool new way to display minifigures. The base lights up with a button on the bottom. Like most other items from LEGO’s license partner Santoki, it has a 15-minute auto-off function on the light. Batman and Batgirl should arrive relatively soon, with classic minifigures or other themes following in the future. Each case will retail for about $15.

Another fun new product is this human-sized version of Batman’s flashlight. Most fans will recognize it as a black lightsaber handle with a 1×1 stud on top. The stud is a removable cap over the flashlight, which houses three very bright white LEDs. The flashlight will retail for about $15.
This Hallmark ornament is a sculpture of Batman. It’s made of hard plastic (even the cape) and is not posable.

This fall will bring a new line of keychain flashlights featuring five spooky characters.

Two new Star Wars lamps will be coming later this year, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. Each has a light-up lightsaber with bright white LEDs, activated by a button on the chest. The button can be set to either turn the lamp on or off, or turn on only while the button is pressed. When the light is on, the base beneath the characters glows red.

New luggage tags will be available in a variety of colors. These tags are molded from a single piece of rubber, and unlike the older hard plastic ones that were discontinued a few years ago, the address is simply on the back, not inside a pull-out tray.

Two new tiered minifigure display cases join the Ninjago Minifigure Case, this time for basic themes in blue and red.   A new sorting container with a locking lid and compartmented interior. Sand Green will be a new color for storage cubes, bottles. Previously, Sand Green had been used for some Ninjago tie-in storage pieces, but it’s now going to be a regular color in the lineup. 

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  1. Håkan

    @Felicia Barker

    To what are you referring? The fourth merch photo (excluding the YouTube link) seems to show some Velcro stickers.

    There are also some random minifigures for exhibition purposes in the minifigure cases below.

  2. Håkan

    @Felicia Barker


    It seems like a novelty flap book.

    You know, there are like 10-20 different figures with three flaps, head – torso – legs, and by flipping the various flaps, you create various mismatched characters…

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