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MaK SAFS Space Type Pit-Viper by Tromas

TR Brownridge (.Tromas) has posted another inspiration model for the MaK Starfighter Contest. It’s great to see a classic MaK hardsuit, and this one has some lovely details — not least of which the sticker/decal use. Notice in particular the thin warning stripe below the floodlight on the front.

SAFS Space Type Pit-Viper

TAURUS Main Battle Tank

Tommy ([Strange]) sets his sights on the future of military hardware with the TAURUS MBT. The splashes of blue and yellow printed tiles add the kind of believable labeling that appears on many military vehicles, and also breaks up the dark gray.

TAURUS Main Battle Tank (Angle shot)

Tommy’s photo is also an interesting lesson in presentation that I think is worth sharing. Reader Vedad sent us a link to Tommy’s original photo, but the angle at which the model was photographed (and the contrast) didn’t really do the tank justice. Tommy retook the photo, and now details like the gun are much more visible. Here’s the photo above again, alongside the original:

TAURUS Main Battle Tank (Angle shot) TAURUS Main Battle Tank.


Dirt, by Jade Wisniewski (Taz-Maniac), has a perfectly matching name for what it is: a dive bar in the future.

LEGO Dirt bar by Taz-Maniac

The use of what look like solid looking spaceship hull and portholes simultaneously communicates the future, but also that the occupants don’t really want outsiders to see in. There’s also a nice bit of interior detail.

Another space surface creation, the Pit Stop, is also worth checking out.

Tiger Moth and Cobra spaceships by vinn

Kurt Vinnedge (vinn) has posted a few great spaceships this week and these two are well worth sharing. The first is this A-8 SSIC Cobra, which features a very functional looking cockpit and sensor/weapons array as well as lovely angling up and back toward the engines.

LEGO A-8 Cobra spaceship by vinn

The second, the ASSIN-9 Tiger Moth, is an equal beauty with similar livery, but its highlight for me is the way he’s built the engines in a ‘V’ going off to the sides from the cockpit. The most subtle, yet effective, feature is the little bits of red peaking out from under a radar dish covering the cockpit. Angry beady little red eyes.

LEGO ASSIN-9 Tiger Moth spaceship by vinn

If you want to see these in person, Kurt will be taking them to Brickfair near Washington, D.C.