Breaking and entering with LEGO

I have an odd interest in the intersection of crime and LEGO, so I’m thrilled by this clip from the 1979 Danish film The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders (Olsen-banden overgiver sig aldrig) featuring a LEGO assisted commercial burglary.

Thanks for the tip, Joel!

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  1. alldarker

    Wow… Both the stair climber and the walker are pretty amazing builds, especially considering they were built with the parts available in 1979!

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing a remake of this scene in a new movie (perhaps Mission: Impossible?) using Mindstorms…

  2. Thanel Post author

    ^ I’ve just learned so much about this series. Thanks for the excuse to expand my store of (mostly) useless knowledge. Seriously.

    This particular film is actually Danish, but the series spans about 30 years and is split almost evenly between Danish and Norwegian productions.

  3. gar vrebalovich

    Thanel: Just googled it, Its danish in origin, and probably directed by a dane, as well. BUT; The casting, language and location is norwegian/in norway. Grew up with this, as i said. I know this, cause I live there. I recognize the language and locations.

  4. gar vrebalovich

    PS: The reason its Danish is because Norway was still Kristiania back then. sorta parta Denmark

  5. Thanel Post author

    gar: Is this from another movie in the series, not T.O.G. Never Surrenders? I haven’t seen the series, so the source of the clip is less certain than the Danishness of Never Surrenders, which was filmed in Denmark and Belgium by a Danish director, written by two Danes, and starred a whole boatload of Danish actors.

    Denmark and Norway have been two distinct states since the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Isn’t Kristiania just the former name of Oslo?

  6. L@go

    Hi – I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years now, but just had to register to say that I’m pretty certain that Thanel is right in this instant. As long as you don’t know who the actor is, the only way to tell whether this is Norwegian or Danish are the (almost inaudible) words at the very end of the clip – which sound distinctively Danish, not Norwegian, to me. As for the words on the wall: That would be just the same in Danish as in Norwegian.

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