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Massive LEGO Eurocopter Tiger ARH by Peter Edwards uses 5,866 bricks

Peter Edwards was commissioned to build a Eurocopter Tiger ARH for Australian Aerospace, the company building the real thing.

As you can see from the minifig in the photo, the LEGO Eurocopter is absolutely huge. It’s over 51″ (130 cm) long, with a rotor span of more than 44″ (113 cm).

Peter designed the helicopter in LEGO Digital Designer, ordered the necessary parts from Pick-A-Brick, and then put together the 5,866 pieces over a weekend.

To withstand the rigors of long-term display at Australian Aerospace, Peter then took another 150 hours over 5 weeks to glue the model together.

To see lots more photos, check out Peter’s Bodville site and click ARH Tiger in the menu on the left.

Sadly, for those of you hoping to build your own Tiger from Peter’s design in LEGO Digital Designer, many of the bricks Peter used are no longer available from Pick-A-Brick, making this truly a one-of-a-kind creation.

LEGO Batman gameplay footage and new screens from Kotaku & DESTRUCTOID[News]

I missed it initially, but Kotaku posted a fairly long video a couple weeks ago of gameplay footage from E3 of the forthcoming LEGO Batman video game. The video shows several scenes with playable characters that include Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Catwoman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.

More recently, DESTRUCTOID has a bunch of new screen shots that feature Man-Bat — who, I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of:

The game comes out September 1st, and rest assured that I’ll be taking some time out from my BrickCon prep to play the game and write a review.

Sterile after the apocalypse

One of my all time favorite builders, Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) conjures a scene where a greenhouse is transformed into a decontamination site for the Picking up the Pieces contest (ends today July 31st). For a closer look at the awesome vehicle, click this gallery. Don’t forget to check out the details in the main gallery linked from the picture below.

Micro Jabba’s Sail Barge by RogueBantha

I love the microscale Jabba’s sail barge in this diorama by Tim Goddard, with dark gray “cheese slopes” that evoke the doors that open on the side of Khetanna. What sets this piece apart for me, however, is the Sarlacc sliced down the middle:

Via MicroBricks, though I lay claim to the provenance of the phrase “Cross-section Sarlacc FTW!” :D

Custom Final Fantasy X-2 minifigs Photoshopped by morgan19

While working on custom decals for a trio of Final Fantasy X-2 minifigs, Jamie Spencer combined his decal designs in Photoshop with scans of the minifigs he’ll be putting them on, resulting in a rather cool effect:

Rikku, Yuna, and Payne never looked so good. I can’t wait for the finished minifigs.

An incredible hot air balloon

Karwik (Noddy) took a sharp turn in his noggin and built this amazing hot air balloon model using 100% LEGO products. While I see that rubber bands from LEGO sets were used to secure the string pieces, I have no idea where that transparent ball with the LEGO logo came from. Nevertheless, it’s amazing and I love every bit of it.