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Vignettes are like the haiku of the LEGO world. Usually built on a base 8 studs wide by 8 studs deep, vignettes show a little scene or a moment in time. But like written poetry, there’s plenty of variation on the basic theme.

Marvelous Makeshift Micros

Flickr user iridescent nohow has been quietly filling his photostream with delightfully ingenious little microscale vignettes. His clever parts usages are par excellence, and they often come at a scale a great deal smaller than most LEGO microscale creations. It’s well worth your time to peruse his photostream and ogle the magnificent miniatures he’s created, such as the scene below of Alice’s rendezvous with a certain infamous hatter of dubious sanity, followed by a terrific mountain temple.

A Mad Tea-Party

The Forest Sanctuary

Almost shockingly, I have managed to build something. I’ve been having quite a lot of fun lately playing with Neo-Classical architecture in microscale, and the recent abundance of good microscale pillar pieces, like the telescope piece, are conducive to that. Anyway, here’s the Temple of Ehlonna, goddess of the Forest, who makes her home in a great ancient tree.

Temple of Ehlonna

And you thought you only had to worry about pee...

Ryan H. (L D M) proves there just may be worse things lurking in ball pits. I don’t really need to point out what is awesome with this…well, because…it is all awesome :-D

Ball Pit

I was actually going on to Ryan’s flickr stream to blog his masterpiece Settlers of Catan game that he built for Brickworld, but the ball pit distracted me…so I’ll just kill two birds with one stone.

The Settlers of Catan

I don’t even want to know how much this cost you buddy!! That is a lot of Bricklinkin’!!!