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To Boldly Build what No Man has Built Before!

Well, this may not be the first time Star Trek devices have been built out of LEGO bricks, but it definitely is one of the most impressive. Tommy Williamson beautifully and masterfully recreates the Phaser Type-II, Communicator, and Tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series.

LEGO Star Trek TOS Collection

Like a good citizen of the 23rd century, he spruces up the models with Power Functions from Lego!

T’Met Monastery

Oftentimes we see applications of a new building technique on a small experimental model, but rarely do we see them applied to a large creation. I am delighted to see tiberium_blue‘s T’Met Monastery, which not only uses Technic liftarms for its massive stone walls but also depicts a refreshing subject of a fictional sanctuary inspired by a Star Trek Vulcan monastery.

T'Met Monastery

Beautiful curves of the Phenix

Christophe Corthay‘s Star Trek inspired Vulcan ship called the Phenix has some of the craziest curves I’ve seen. They’re crazy because not only are there so many rings, but they are also textured by SNOT techniques. I can’t imagine the amount of strain in this model, which could make it explode at any moment. But for what it’s worth, the result looks drop dead gorgeous.

Smug red-shirted LEGO Star Trek minifig won’t survive the away mission

You know it’s true.

LEGO Star Trek minifigs

legomocs combines LEGO elements in a fairly simple way to achieve perfect brick-built phasers and a tricorder. Combined with the red and yellow torsos, these minifigs are instantly recognizable.

Jamie said it best: “Normally they look too plain, but it’s amazing how nice black pants and a few accessories can make blank torsos look.”

Patrick Yrizarry’s Legcutus of Borg

I feel like an odd person to cover the sci-fi section sometimes – besides liking to look at spaceships, I know nothing about Star Wars, Star Trek or basically any other sci-fi series for that matter. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this fantastic sculpture made by Patrick Yrizarry depicting a certain Borg from Star Trek:

Patrick has announced it on Lugnet, so drop by to give him a comment!

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These are the voyages...

40 years ago today, the first five-year mission of the starship Enterprise began. Five television series, ten movies, and many books and video games later, Star Trek is still boldly going. Brendon Griffith celebrates with a microscale model of the N.C.C. 1701 U.S.S. Enterprise.

An unknown builder celebrates the wise words of Spock with this sculpture.

Redshirts Never Survive Away Missions!

I hadn’t planned on making any minifigs based on Star Trek the original series, nor ones from Deep Space Nine, so I’m glad that Steve Bishop has created both!

On an away mission, here’s Lt. Spock, Capt. James T. Kirk, Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, and the soon-to-be-deceased (I assume) Lt. D. E. Adman:

Captain Kirk is awesome!!!

Here’s the crew from Deep Space Nine, Chief Miles E. O’Brian, Capt. Benjamin Sisko, Lt. Jadzia Dax, and Dr. Julian Bashir:

Star Trek: The Next Generation Minifigs

Here’s my non-decal take on the crew of NCC-1701-D Enterprise (click for full photoset on Flickr:

L to R: Deanna Troi, Worf, Data, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Will Riker, Geordi LaForge, and Wesley Crusher.

Edit (6/10/06): I forgot to include my Borg drones when I first posted this:

Borg Drones