USS Enterprise NX-01 – Star Trek as it should have been

What better way to break my blogging dry streak than with this fantastic alternate take on the iconic USS Enterprise from Star Trek (The Original Series) by Shannon Sproule. Shannon’s version looks a lot more realistic than the version in the actual TV show, even by 1960’s space program standards.

Enterprise NX-01: To boldly go

At first, I actually thought this might be a Soviet Enterprise, which would be very cool to see as well! Get building, someone!

7 comments on “USS Enterprise NX-01 – Star Trek as it should have been

  1. Zrath

    Hayden: The Federation hasn’t been created yet and somehow we’re awash in USSes. LOL

    Felix: Yeah, I thought it was the USS Pasteur at first glance.

  2. faefrost

    It looks a lot like the “Daedalus” class. One of Matt Jeffries original concept designs for the TOS Enterprise. A model of the class shows up throughout the TNG era shows, appearing in Cisco’s office on DA9 and I think in the Enterprise E’s display cabinet. Very nicely done model.

  3. Buffalorand

    I wonder what the builder thinks of the comments. Was the intention to make an NX-01 or was there a mistake made there naming it such. I too recalled the concept drawings and the (Daedalus class) models from the other series’ that made brief appearances in the background. As for ‘Soviet’ versions of anything…why? I lived through the cold war and I cannot for the life of me understand the fascination for things Soviet…they were evil bastards that killed millions. And there stuff wasn’t all that pretty anyway. I would still love to see someone pull off a decent version of NCC-1701 with the proper proportions on a scale smaller than ‘would fit in a garage’…that Kre-o stuff is an embarrassment. Some fancy hinge work might do the trick…

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