Awesome Star Trek NCC-1701 Enterprise model made of LEGO

To boldly go to space – the final frontier – and prosper, my friend.

My mangled Star Trek quotes aside, this magnificent Enterprise model comes to us from Chris Melby. Chris has done a fantastic job with the circular disk of this iconic ship, managing to make it entirely studless. Don’t be deceived, though, this is actually a huge model at over 5 feet in length.

LEGO Starship Enterprise
LEGO Starship Enterprise

4 comments on “Awesome Star Trek NCC-1701 Enterprise model made of LEGO

  1. plutoniumboss

    Hasbro’s Kre-O got that license. The sets are fairly hit-and-miss, and I’d recommend watching a review of any given set you may consider, because quality issues may pop up.

  2. plutoniumboss

    As for this build, the studlessness astounds me, and those planet halves on the nacelles are serious nice part usage. It’s going to take a lot to top this starSHIP.

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