Epic Rap Battles of History embraces the brick for divine face-off

For its Season 4 bout between the Greek god Zeus and the Norse god Thor, the hugely popular YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History turned to Forrest Whaley and his team of stop-motion animators to give it the LEGO treatment. And the result is hilarious! Make sure to check out the entertaining behind the scenes video too.

[WARNING: Some profanity]

15 comments on “Epic Rap Battles of History embraces the brick for divine face-off

  1. MikeDoyle

    In lectures and classes I give, I refer this site to a lot of parents as a place for kids to check out and see great work. Posts like this will definitely make me reconsider this.

  2. AK_brickster

    I thought it was pretty funny, but considering that a lot of your viewers are a relatively young crowd, a stronger warning like, “warning – adult themes and language” would be better than what is currently provided.

  3. l0b0t

    Sweet Jeebus, anguage warnings? All I can hear is Maude Flanders shrieking “Won’t someone PUHLEEZE think of the children?” When did AFOLs turn into such a bunch of shrinking violets. Y’all are embarrassing yourselves.

  4. Matt Hurt

    I clicked on the video when my kids (who are all under 4) were in the room with me. Personally I don’t care that you posted it, I just wished there would have been a warning so I don’t have to explain why my 3.5 year old is dropping F-bombs.

  5. hipp5

    That was one of the best Epic Rap Battles I’ve seen in a while, and the LEGO animation was top notch.

    I’m sorry, but I’ve always considered BB an AFOL site. I’m not going to get too uptight about this one being posted here.

  6. AK_brickster

    I think that comments asking for things like NSFW warnings only serve to benefit the site. No need to be critical of people who make such requests in a polite and reasonable way. Just because you personally don’t care doesn’t mean other people are wrong for being a little more sensitive.

  7. Shilo Parker

    He asked for the warning. The warning was edited in, and yet it’s still be talked about like it isn’t there.

    A good rule of thumb when traversing the internet, no matter where you are, is to treat every offsite link as NFSW. You never know what will pop up, so prepare yourself for what will pop up. Turn your volume down.

  8. Matt Hurt

    Well, I apologize for offending those who might have been offended that I was offended. Because, well, actually I wasn’t. Just asking for a little courtesy is all. Carry on.

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