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Avast, me mateys! If ye be lookin’ for LEGO on the high seas, you’ve found the place where X marks the spot. Here be a treasure trove of sailing ships, garrisons full of imperial scalawags, and other such nautical nonsense. Walk that plank and dive into the wonderful world of LEGO Pirates.

Guarding the Lonely Rock

This little guarded fort by Brick Vader is a lovely hybrid of the Imperial Soldiers and Armada styles, employing a bit of Spanish flavor in the structure. While I don’t see any revolutionary techniques in use here, the whole model comes together in a particularly nice way. I love to see simplicity done well.

P.S. Coming to you live from Brickworld Chicago 2012. So if any of our readers are here, be sure to say hi if you see me!

Forbidden Cove’s Jolly Roger Contest [News]

Forbidden Cove has announced their third annual Jolly Roger Contest. Head on over to check out the fabulous Prizes and Categories, as well as the Contest Rules. Make sure you read the rules carefully, as some of the categories have different requirements.

Entries must be submitted by April 30. In order to enter, you must be a member of Forbidden Cove, and you do need to be at least 16.

Best of luck!

Deep in the Bayou, the Pirates Converge...

Tia Dalma’s haven of witchcraft was one of the eerier scenes in Dead Man’s Chest, with Jack Sparrow and company slinking through the murky woods to consult a medium. This scene by flickr user Walter Boy captures a bit of that uncanniness, and is a great model besides. The dark tan, dark brown, and dark green merge together well to give this diorama more ominous tones, and the dark background is an excellent choice.

Tia Dalma's Shack

Forbidden Cove’s Seed Part Challenge: Week Two

Forbidden Cove is running a multi-week Seed Part contest, where the entrants have one week to build a creation using that week’s Seed Part–and it can’t be whatever the part actually is. Week one was a classic flared helm; this week is a minifig’s chair piece.

Here are some of my favorite entries from week two, in no particular order:

Rapture of the Deep by Guy Himber

Once Cap’n Jack, Always Cap’n Jack by Bluesecrets

Enemy in Sight by Marco den Besten

Forbidden Cove’s Pirate Santa Contest [News]

Forbidden Cove, to help get you in the groove of the season, has announced a contest! The rules are pretty simple: create your own Pirate-type Santa, and build him a setting in which to celebrate the season. The prize is a $50 LEGO Shop-at-Home gift card!

Click the picture for all of the rules and details!

The Rescue of Miss Take

I’d suggest to good Mr. Take that in the future, he should keep a better eye on his progeny and their tendencies to participate in herb-gathering and reciting Shakespeare while cooking over a large cauldron. It scares the locals.

Jalkow‘s beautiful little scene has a lot of great things to it — the base, the rubble on the stairs, the moon… I can’t pick out just one because frankly, all of it is pretty lovely.

The Lady Guinevere

I may or may have mentioned it before, but I’m a bit of a sucker for a pretty ship. You can take the girl away from the sea, but you can’t take the sea away from the girl. (And, coincidentally, yesterday was the USS Constitution’s 214th birthday!)

But I digress. Luke Hutchinson‘s newly posted ship is just stunning. I love the lines of the hull, and the details. It’s always in the details.

4184 Black Pearl out + free shipping from LEGO extended [News]

A bit belated news for some, I realize — I’ve been sick — but 4184 Black Pearlicon is out now from multiple sources (text link goes to LEGO Shop; image link below goes to Amazon).

The highlight in this set for me is definitely the minifigs, with Davy Jones and the shark-headed Maccus. It goes for $100 (less at some big box stores at the moment) and includes 804 pieces.

Free shipping has been extended again from the LEGO Shop, with double VIP points through the end of October.

Finally, every purchase over $99 includes the first of a two-part Christmas vignette for free:

LEGO Christmas vignette 1

Here’s the second part, due out in November:

LEGO Christmas vignette 2