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Avast, me mateys! If ye be lookin’ for LEGO on the high seas, you’ve found the place where X marks the spot. Here be a treasure trove of sailing ships, garrisons full of imperial scalawags, and other such nautical nonsense. Walk that plank and dive into the wonderful world of LEGO Pirates.

The best of Count Blockula: BigFig Pirate

One of the last major models Mike Crowley posted online was a new type of brick-built figure, the “BigFig.” BigFigs are built from bricks, but look like large minifigs. Mike showed off his new idea with a recreation of the classic LEGO Pirates captain minifig:

BigFig Pirate

In March 2009, Mike wrote:

Basic features include:
– head can rotate
– face / hairpiece can be customized
– arms are connected with Technic axles to prevent “drooping” when holding objects
– hands can rotate
– torso and hip-piece fronts and backs can be customized
– legs are connected using Technic rotating / ratcheting click hinges, allowing for some rotation backward and full 90 degree rotation forward (into the seated position)
– head, arms, hands, hips and legs all separate in the same places that a regular-sized minifig’s do
– the rear and bottoms of the legs have “holes” built into them to resemble those on the legs of a regular-sized minifig and are spaced so as to fit onto “studs” built 2×2 and spaced 2 studs apart from one another.

In case you’d like to try your own hand at building a BigFig, Mike even posted a breakdown:


Everyone needs a little more pirate in their life. Right?

I’m sure you do. We all do! TheBrickAvenger built this lovely little playset-esque creation, inspired after a Playmobile playset (gasp!). I’m quite sure I’m biased but this turned out just fantastic. The board roof, and that palm!

He’s got tons more stuff worth checking out on his Flickr stream. Enjoy!

Where the Sea, Sky, and Stone Meet, There You Will Find The Loneliest Soldiers

Soldiering in a place like the Colonial Outpost by The Brick Time Team must be a little desired job–although it affords views like no other. This really is an excellent piece of work, though. The weathering of the sandstone walls is superbly done, and probably does more to make this MOC stand out than anything else. The rest of the diorama is terrific too, however, with the good effect made of the transparent 1×1 round plates for water, and some nicely detailed rock work.

Colonial Outpost #002

Guarding the Lonely Rock

This little guarded fort by Brick Vader is a lovely hybrid of the Imperial Soldiers and Armada styles, employing a bit of Spanish flavor in the structure. While I don’t see any revolutionary techniques in use here, the whole model comes together in a particularly nice way. I love to see simplicity done well.

P.S. Coming to you live from Brickworld Chicago 2012. So if any of our readers are here, be sure to say hi if you see me!

Forbidden Cove’s Jolly Roger Contest [News]

Forbidden Cove has announced their third annual Jolly Roger Contest. Head on over to check out the fabulous Prizes and Categories, as well as the Contest Rules. Make sure you read the rules carefully, as some of the categories have different requirements.

Entries must be submitted by April 30. In order to enter, you must be a member of Forbidden Cove, and you do need to be at least 16.

Best of luck!

Deep in the Bayou, the Pirates Converge...

Tia Dalma’s haven of witchcraft was one of the eerier scenes in Dead Man’s Chest, with Jack Sparrow and company slinking through the murky woods to consult a medium. This scene by flickr user Walter Boy captures a bit of that uncanniness, and is a great model besides. The dark tan, dark brown, and dark green merge together well to give this diorama more ominous tones, and the dark background is an excellent choice.

Tia Dalma's Shack

Forbidden Cove’s Seed Part Challenge: Week Two

Forbidden Cove is running a multi-week Seed Part contest, where the entrants have one week to build a creation using that week’s Seed Part–and it can’t be whatever the part actually is. Week one was a classic flared helm; this week is a minifig’s chair piece.

Here are some of my favorite entries from week two, in no particular order:

Rapture of the Deep by Guy Himber

Once Cap’n Jack, Always Cap’n Jack by Bluesecrets

Enemy in Sight by Marco den Besten